IIM Shillong – Nature Trek

Getting to IIM Shillong was a big moment for me. I was excited to be part of one of the best Business Schools in the country, learn from the best of the faculty, get to interact with peers and enjoy campus life. In my very first week, aimed at familiarising us with the sustainability, we went for a trek to the Mawphlang forest.

We boarded the buses at 5:30 AM. It is an hour drive to the sacred groves of Mawphlang. They are untouched forests, unaltered by humans for more than one hundred years. Before entering the forests, in the words of our guide Mac – “Do not take anything from the forest and do not leave anything inside it. You only take pictures which are the memories of the forest for you and you only leave footprints which are your memories for the forest.” The students were divided into groups of 18 and allotted a guide each mine being Mac. Before entering the forest, he told us that the forest is around 2500 hectares and receives the second highest rainfall in the world. He informed us about the sacred forest and how some places are still worshipped. He told us about the concept of rain for 9 nights and 9 days where they get a lot of rain continuously and it considerably brings down the temperature. He took a different route than others so we could get to feel the serenity of the forest. It was a very calm and peaceful journey. As soon as we entered, he showed us crowns of leaves. There are separate crowns for girls and boys. Mac showed us the places in the river where the carcasses of animals would be washed after making the sacrifice. There is a clear opening at the place and Mac told us about the locals, their culture and specifically the festival. He invited us for a visit again in the month November and December. Lastly, He took us to a wishing stone where the rituals were performed. We got to see the Ekmukhi Rudraksh and got to know that the tree was exclusive to Nepal and bore the rudraksha once in its lifetime. They hold the record of planting the highest number of saplings in a day on World Environment day in 2017.

 Post the trek we and breakfast we set off for the Mawphlang Dam. a utility project and also a tourist attraction. Looking at the sheer power of water from the dam makes one realize the true power of nature. After a 45 minutes visit to the dam, we left for Lyngiong which was an hour’s drive from the dam. We left our bus and started to walk along the river. After we reached the river front we had our lunch. After the lunch, we made sure we did not leave anything behind us. Ready, we started the trek. It is a four-hour long trek walking by the river, in the mud, over the cliffs, on the rocks, below the waterfalls and through the caves. We had never been closer to nature. It’s a wonderful experience and mesmerizing. We got to walk near the waterfalls. It is slippery and fun at the same time. The water was clean and one could see the river-bed. That is a very rare sight.

Aditya Birla Group

I am passionate about working in marketing. This brought me to IIM Shillong, and I would like to work with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited as is it has brands like Forever 21, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Louis Philippe, it would be an excellent opportunity for me to go to the market, and work for one of the biggest companies in the country and learn the work while improving myself and contributing to the firm.


Raag Gupta

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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