IIM Shillong – Picture Perfect Campus

First Impressions and Settling In

I joined IIM Shillong on June 23, 2017. The journey from Hyderabad was so tiring initially reaching Guwahati by air and then traveling to Shillong in a cab which is a delightful journey with the added effects of motion sickness, During the entire ride there was country music playing in the vehicle which complemented the road trip and I could tell that the people around here loved their music. The cab entered Shillong and I really loved the place, Every single view felt like a wallpaper and I was continuously staring outside the whole time, I reached the campus around 5PM and looking at the gate killed half my hopes, I did finish the registration process and was given a room by lottery which would be my abode for the coming year, Seniors were helpful to me during the process and helped me carry my luggage to my room. One look at the room and my face fell, It was almost the same size of the room I had during my undergrad except it was a double sharing room. I did meet my roommate a few moments later and were informed by the wing about the session we were about to have in the evening by the seniors. The session which primarily consisted of extremely coordinated grilling for the better part of the evening and late into night made me think twice about joining the institute, there was a lot of weight emphasized on discipline and punctuality and these lessons are something that will be carried forward for a very long time.

What makes my Campus Unique?

Picture Perfect Campus: How often do you get to boast the fact that the classes had to be stopped because there were clouds in the classroom which hindered the visibility? Which college has 2 treks in its syllabus? Which college offers an incredible opportunity to discover the beautiful and amazing Northeast? These points are just an icing on a cake.

Peer Learning: I have learnt more outside the walls of the campus in the past 1 year than the learnings in classroom, and this comes after we have a set of incredible and super cool professors who will go to any extent to help you out with the learning. Its just that every single one of my batchmates has a unique and a different talent hidden, and you get to learn a lot from a person and having a small batch of 180 I have gotten a chance to interact with every single one of them personally, everyone believes in the concept of learning together and the best of our friendships are forged here.

Memorable Classroom Experience:

I had a chance of being a superstar one night right before the final examination of Business research methods, The course heavily relied on advanced statistics and being the only person who had a Mathematics background in my batch the responsibility fell on my shoulders to teach the batch. I took up the challenge to ensure that my batchmates ace the course and booked a classroom to help my friends. Usually there are close to 40 people for sessions like this but on that particular day there were close to 120 people wanting to pass. The next 90 minutes I helped people clarify their doubts and ensure that they go to the examination prepared. There was a standing ovation as I completed my class and people thanked me, hugged me and expressed their gratitude. I was on cloud 9 for a very long time and this is a memory that I will be remembering for a very long time

 Crazy Batchmates:

We have a very diverse and a crazy batch, People have joined the campus for ridiculous reasons as well as proper ones, One of my batchmates worked in a trading company before joining the campus. He was earning ridiculously well, Way better than what he would be getting for placements upon asking him he said he just wanted a vacation out of his corporate life and is here despite getting good calls. He does study well though and is really talented in finance and is one of our batch stars. There is another one who has served a good amount of time in the armed forces of the country and wanted to switch careers so joined the college. At this place there is an amalgamation of crazy and that’s what I believe makes us stronger together.

ABG Company that I would work for?

Having graduated from BITS PILANI I have been asscoiated with the Birlas for quite some time and have respect for all their values and am comfortable working with the Birlas but if I have to pick a sector, I would go with Ultratech group primarily due to the fact that I am a Civil Engineer who has also completed his Management. I will have both the technical as well as the Managerial skills and be a perfect fit in the Organization. Even Ultratech as a group is diverse with Indian and overseas operations as well. It will offer me a wonderful chance to learn and grow in the Organization.


Aashish Vyas

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong