IIM Shillong – The Right Moment

I joined IIM Shillong on 22nd June 2017. I noticed her after a few days into the college. She looks innocent, but she is crazy. I found her name after asking a few friends, ensuring that they don’t find out that I liked her. You should not divulge your goals. I began noticing her daily; then I realize that she should also notice me. So, one day I was standing in a queue and saw that she is also standing in the same queue. Seeing the opportunity, I started in the participating in the random conversation. My opinion was so different that everybody started looking towards me including her. She became curious and asked her friend my name. On that day she came to know my name, and although I was a part of the different conversation, she was my focus point. Hence, I know that she knows my name.

We never greeted each other; we never conversed, I was waiting for the right moment. Later, it was the internship phase. We both applied to a company and were competing against each other. I was hoping that we both get select into that company so that I can get some time to talk to her during the internship. But the odds were against me. She got selected, and I didn’t. On the same night, she was near the canteen, I went there and saw everyone was congratulating her. I also wanted to congratulate her but when everyone is doing that, and I also do that, it won’t make any difference, so I passed that moment.

After a few days, it was her birthday. I wanted to wish her. She was in the canteen, surrounded by many people. I passed from her with increasing heartbeat deciding whether to wish her or not. I got slower with each step, and then I crossed her. I couldn’t gather the courage to say anything to her. The next day, I saw her alone, I thought it the right time to wish her. But soon I realized that she saw me yesterday, if I wish her today, what will she think, why I didn’t wish her yesterday. I let the moment passed. And when our path crossed I looked at her, she looked at me, we had a moment of eye contact, and I realized I should have taken that step. And during this one year, she had a boyfriend and kept waiting for the right moment. Life is itself an irony. A few hearts were attached, a few were broken. At some place it the love blossoming, at other it was Autumn. The person with whom I want to share the life isn’t with me. The life doesn’t have any “Life”.

“कभी तुम मिलो तो तुम्हे बताये कितनी हसरतों से तुम्हे चाहा है मगर

वाकिफ है इस बात से तुम कभी मिलोगे नहीं”

Anil Kumar Vedi

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong