IIM Shillong – Sane Or Insane?

This is a hall. You enter and in the first row, you see a guy who is most probably taller than you. He is a CFA and you just have to look at his face (once) to know that he resembles a giant puppy. No, there is nothing wrong with his face, but he brings the same energy to the room that a puppy will when it is given a new chew toy and friends to play with it. You move to the second row and find a strong and fierce yet caring and really funny engineer. She is a national level athlete and has a heart of a teddy bear. However, beware of her temper for she can strike back as smoothly as a cobra, if angered. You move further and encounter the most chill lawyer that you could have ever met. He will make sure that you never get bored and the environment never gets too somber. Sometimes, this backfires and more often than not he ends up getting a personal lecture from the professors. You go deeper and you will meet a guy who fell in love over a decade ago and vows to cherish and pursue it, till the day he will die. Math. He loves mathematics. This is a guy who has the most stoic face while sitting in the lectures. But, the moment you give him some statistical questions he will grin a grin of satisfaction. His eyes will light up and unknowingly he will make you feel really dumb just by doing what he loves. He is an engineer from IIT Madras. I know, big shocker. Oh, but there is more. A girl who is mostly lost in her own tunes and perhaps will break into a song even if she is slightly bored. It does not matter if it is the girls’ loo or the back of the classroom. She finds solace in braiding hair whenever she feels restless. It need not be her hair. Anyone with long hair will do. She uses weird makeup hacks and can actually pull it off.

No, this is not a hall in a mental institution and these people are sane, almost. These are few of the brightest and most genuine people I have ever met. This is my classroom and it is filled with more people like these. People who are talented, quirky, and who break stereotypes at every step and define themselves by their uniqueness. This is one of the classrooms at IIM Shillong. We have great individuals among us but even greater teams. After all, we are a family.


Vishakha Sinha

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong