IIM Shillong – My Second Innings

My tryst with IIM Shillong, was a result of an immemorable battle with CAT and the subsequent interviews, though that is a completely different story. After the decision to join IIM Shillong was confirmed, I had braced myself for a culture shock which comes with moving to a place one had heard of only in geography textbooks. The campus in the clouds, as the institute pitched itself, seemed like a place rife with promise and new beginnings. And it lived up to this promise, with the myriad events which have occurred in the three weeks since I came here. But given the limitations I have on word count, I would like to focus on the culture of IIM Shillong, which I think is unique compared to all the B-Schools in the country today.

My first day at IIM Shillong, I was introduced to the no-lock policy which was prevalent in all the hostels in the institute. The entire idea of not locking your rooms in a new place, surrounded by strangers, seemed outlandish to me, as I am sure most readers would agree. But this was just the first step in fostering a culture of brotherhood, trust and loyalty which I have come to relish now. In the fast-paced world of management education and subsequent corporate life, it feels good to have people you can count on, to look after you when you are seemingly down and out, push you to achieve goals you would never have otherwise. It’s a feeling of belonging most people strive for in their college lives, but very few get close to. Experiences such as the legacy trek further solidified this bond, as you would expect when dozens of city boys and girls embark into the jungle together and hope not to fall into a ditch.

 While some might claim that our batch size (180 per year) serves as a disadvantage, I would argue against the same. In my three weeks here, I have met people ranging from all academic backgrounds and places, and the small batch size allows for this. A sense of family is drilled into us from our first day here, and while there are always disagreements and misunderstandings, it still remains a family in the truest sense of the term. The culture of Shillong itself, deserves a few words. The locals treat the IIM students as family and are hospitable to a fault. The institute and the people living around it live in a state of perfect harmony, and the students reap the benefits of this relationship, in the sense that we are always made to feel at home. A home nestled in the clouds, but home nevertheless.

Which Aditya Birla Group company would you like to work for, and why?

I would like to join the Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited, because I believe a general management role here offers the most scope for personal growth for me, as well as aligns with my skills and interests. The firm with its multitude of brands in the market today commands a strong market share as well as brand equity providing a good foundation to build up from. I also sense the potential for more creative marketing in this segment, which appeals to me, and has piqued my interest. Given its national presence, I also see this as a great opportunity to learn from both peers and the experienced folks in the firm, to aid my own career development.


Rushabh Menon

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong