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Modernity has often been associated with ideas like objectivity, tangible outcomes, rationality, success etc.  However, the world has gradually transitioned into a ‘Post-Modern’ era. While the concept of Post Modernism remains vague, it has arrived and is here to stay. The notions of right-wrong are being altered. The idea of success failure has gone beyond annual profit-loss statements and cause effect analysis is getting supplemented with more elaborative & decorative ideals.

Now, IIM Shillong is an institution based on such high ideals. Its location itself, away from the conventional “financial hubs”, “alpha cities” are a testimony to this and set it up as a pathbreaker.

In a very short span of 10 years, IIM Shillong has carved a niche for itself turning various challenges into opportunities. This has happened during the most vulnerable decade in world economy since the 1929 Global Depression makes it even more special. While many institutions were cracking under the shocks of 2008 Subprime Crisis, IIM-S was finding its feet and putting in place strong processes/frameworks without compromising on its strong ideals. Though it must be acknowledged that the IIM tag comes with an undeniable advantage, but tags alone cannot guarantee success can clearly be seen across the country/globe in diverse domains.

IIM Shillong Specialities

  • The world is still discovering how the idea of development adopted in the recent decades gone by is flawed. It is not sustainable and only gives a false notion of happiness/ success. The quality of life is going down rapidly. In the blind pursuit of end goal/profits, the joy of journey/ process is getting compromised. Experts have recognised how the threat to humanity in the current scenario is not paranoia but an impending reality.
  • Thus, the recognition has been made through various national/ international conferences e.g. Paris Summit 2015, Sustainable Development Goals 2015-30 etc.
  • Here at IIM-S, such ideals form the very core of the institute. The flagship SUSCON conference held annually represents the same. The students are close to the nature, they cherish the tiny, natural aspects of the region beyond the maddening pace of the concrete jungles elsewhere. Thus, the students here are ideally prepared to accept the regulations industrial bodies are bound to face in the near future.
  • The camaraderie shared in the batches at IIM-S is a special feature which emerges as a positive externality of the natural and peaceful setting with minimum influence of indulging in petty politics. The students here compete hard but fair. They also do not shy from acknowledging their drawbacks and quality of others if any.
  • It cannot be denied that the North East region of our country remains isolated in many ways from the “mainland” of the country. The socio-cultural reality of this region and observing this from close quarters over the course of 2 years develops a feeling of unease in most of the minds here. They can recognise how the people are often treated in an unfair manner as compared to other regions. Also, how vast amounts of human and natural resource which should be contributing to the rapid growth of our nation is being under-utilized.
  • The students can develop broad, fresh perspectives about the challenges faced in the region. At the same time, they observe how the locales have developed numerous techniques to optimize the available resources to better their lives. The never say die attitude which is often talked about by professionals sitting in ‘Ivory Towers’ is deeply imbibed in the people of the region. This positivity gets rubbed off on the students here which is of immense importance in any professional career be it jobs, entrepreneurship etc.
  • The highly competitive academic curriculum fulfils the manifest requirements of an MBA programme and keep it at par with the best of the talent in the country. But, the numerous latent advantages IIM Shillong provides cannot be replicated anywhere else. It provides the edge that professionals need to emerge as primus inter pares.
  • The great diversity ensured in the batch of IIM Shillong makes it a lively place with rapid exchange of quality ideas taking place in every corner. This peer learning often becomes more important than classroom teaching.
  • Those with corporate job experience share the nuances of their jobs. The freshers provide the idealism, dynamism and a go getter attitude to the place. Similarly, those with humanities background provide sociological, philosophical views to understand any issue which clubbed with the rational mind of engineers provides the close to an ideal solution.
  • The 40% batch strength of girls provides the much-needed gender diversity to the place. It creates the vision for the New India where women will not be playing second fiddle but emerge as leaders, thinkers and decision makers.

 Which ABG Company Do I Want to Work For And Why?

Aditya Birla Capital Limited
The vision of AB Capital – ‘To be a leader and role model in a broad-based and integrated financial services businesses very well aligns with my own thought process. The group works to cater to demands from all sections of the society across age groups. It is not about serving merely an elite section. Here, I can get to learn in varied divisions related to finance like Advising, Financing, Investing, Protecting (Insurance) etc. At this stage, such integrated learning would hold me in good stead in the medium and long-term. At the same time, it provides opportunity to create a positive change for the clients that I deal with.

Gokul Keshav Singh

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong