IIM Shillong – Sustainability Trek – It Will Never Fail You

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you”

-Frank Lloyd Wright

Nature attracts us in many forms, be it rivers, mountains, valleys, plains, plateaus, seas, oceans, islands. It helps us to introspect within and rise against the challenges of the modern life.

PGP 17 batch was invited for a sustainability trek where it was taken to two different places Mawphlang and Lingyong. The first destination was Mawphlang sacred grove forests. Sacred groves of India are forest fragments of varying sizes, which are communally protected, and which usually have a significant religious connotation for the protecting community. Mawphlang Sacred Forest is a protected area situated in the East Khasi Hills of Shillong. It is preserved by the natives since ancient times as a part of their religious beliefs, in which forests are considered as a sacred entity.0

The batch was divided into the groups. Our group was guided by the local guide ‘Macduff’. Before entering the groves, he gave us a brief introduction about sacred graves, its importance to community and the contributions of local community in preserving it. While entering, he greeted us with crowns made of leaves and stems. The panoramic view, witnessed after taking the first step in the groves, simply mesmerized us and boosted our adrenaline for the whole book that was going to be unfolded. During the traverse, music of birds and the river nearby was very soothing and freshening. Mac informed us about flora and fauna, and various interesting stories related to the groves. He showed us the coronation place of the chief of the local tribe, the Pledge stone site and the 800 years old Rudraksha tree. It was delighting to understand the concern of local community towards groves which can be justified with 25,000 saplings they planted last year. It was a complete experience in the woods and meals after it energized us for the next trek which was in Lingyong.

Before reaching Lingyong, we took a small halt at Mawphlang dam where we were chatting and sharing the experience in groves. The smiling faces all around was an example of the positive energy and sense of being free that nature infused in us.

After a short stay at the dam, it was the time to brace ourselves for the 4-5 km lengthy trek in the mountains. The trek felt comfortable in tortuous path offered by the mountains because of the positive company of the batchmates. We were sharing our past experiences, cracking jokes and admiring nature simultaneously. Although lengthy and tiring, the trek bolstered our confidence as well as offered us learning of the power of nature which rather seems highly silent.

The time had come to bid adieu to these new places and embark our journey to IIM Shillong. The amble in the woods proved to be very productive and rejuvenating. Hoping to explore more places like these in the future soon.

Aditya Birla Group

When it comes to my choice of an organisation to work for, I would like to work with Aditya Birla Fashion group. The choice might seem a little uncanny for someone from a heavy sports background, but it has been shaped by my trip in Paris. After going through my course in luxury and fashion from IESEG, Paris, I have a newly found interest in this field and I have been studying fashion from a marketing perspective. It is highly intriguing to understand the various principles used to run the fashion industry. I would like to develop my this interest into something concrete, and what could be better than ABG?


Mayank Thakur

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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