IIM Shillong – As Unique As It Gets

Do you think IIM Shillong is just too far away from the heart of the country? What if I were to tell you that despite the distance, IIM Shillong depicts all the colours and flavours of India? Yes, you read it right. IIM Shillong is mini India and has people from every corner of India. We are a family here. Shillong is the ‘Scotland of East’ and we, the participants, have already tasted the flavour of Shillong two weekends in a row. The treks are really beautiful and the Law Kyntang forest is one of the most picturesque places one can visit. We are not only in the cradle of Nature here but also very close to the local communities here. We carry the banner of Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s message and teach the kids of schools nearby under the Nurturing Minds program. We have a club completely dedicated to sustainability. ECoBiz devises methods by which sustainability can be implemented successfully in various businesses across various domains. Being close to nature fills us with oneness with mother Earth. We have a week-long program entirely dedicated to sustainability. We spend time learning green marketing, green economics, green technology, green human resource management. Also, IIM Shillong is the cleanest campus in India and we are soon to be plastic bags free campus too. A proud moment indeed. We believe in giving back to the society. We are the most energy efficient and energy conserving campus in India.

The PGP18 batch of IIM Shillong is one of the most diverse batches in the history of IIM Shillong as well as other IIMs. This batch is a mosaic of participants from various backgrounds with engineers constituting about fifty percent of the batch. Even the engineers are from various branches like environmental engineering, material engineering, food technology, biotechnology, petroleum technology, etc. There are participants from law, animations, fashion technology and pharmaceuticals background. The batch has numerous chartered accountants and participants who have completed their level two of CFA. The batch also hosts a good number of B.com and M.com graduates. We have a good mix of participants with work experience ranging from one year to four years and the graduates fresh out of college with fresh ideas.

With so many unique attractions, IIM Shillong has proved itself to be one of the most vibrant campuses. Visit us to know more about our diversity!

Ritika Jha

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong