IIM Shillong – A Usual Day

It was a fine, new, yet a usual day. It had been around 3 weeks to the college but it felt like it had been the same for as long as I could remember or cared to remember. Not realizing, we had landed into a monotony of routine that was gradually fading the individuality of our personalities. I entered into the class with the usual expectation of the advancing of the course by the usual manner of approach by the well-recognized instructor. The only difference expected being the subject of discussion which also seemed familiar provided that we had gone through the course outline multitude of times. The spark of uniqueness in this era of monotony was so rare that we did not even realize its absence. We did not even realize that we were subconsciously missing something or were supposed to do so.

It was then that the Professor with a smile on his face and ardour in his intentions stepped in. Not that he had not taught us before but today he was backed up by a different realization that was evident from his face. And to our surprise, He said ‘You are the most diverse batch so far and there will be nothing to appreciate if you start practising monotony. Uniformity is good until it is uniformity of opinions’ And it is then that we all realized that in the journey of being alike under the same institution, practicing similar tasks, we had somewhere forgotten that pinch of an attribute that differentiated each of us from all others.

And though the tasks designated to us were similar, there was a reason why we were all from different backgrounds because we were expected to react genuinely which would obviously be different to the similar tasks assigned to us. Not to make us all lose our uniqueness and agree upon a common trait to define us.

While fulfilling the expectations from the commitments we have made to our career, family or any other responsibility, we should not forget that we also have a responsibility towards ourselves that needs to be taken care of simultaneously and preserving uniqueness associated with our personality is one of them. Our individuality forms a persona that has been built from our entire journey so form, It forms the gist of all the lessons our experiences have directed us to and most importantly, is worth all the idiosyncratic scenarios we have been exposed to and the entire duration of time we have spent in this world so far. A person is capable of valuing himself only when he has a realization and a qualitative measure of attributes in him that he can distinguish himself from the lot with. After all, it is not about finding similarities, but about respecting differences.

The ABG company that I would like to work for would be Idea Cellular Limited. Since I have graduated as an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and have quite a knowledge in the communication domain, a managerial position in such a firm will not only be an implementation of my learning in IIM Shillong but will also help me contribute the knowledge of my past education. And I believe, a manager is someone who manages to be at the surface but realizes the ends and by being in Telecom, I will have quite a good realization of those ends.

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong