IIM Sirmaur – The Apple Of The IIMs

Clearing CAT and getting selected in one of the IIMs will always be a great achievement. Filled with thrill, anxiety and a lot of expectations for our new journey we reached the campus surrounded by mountains and a beautiful breeze by the Yamuna. Hence our journey started with induction and life took the rush. After the induction, we were introduced about the rules and regulations by our seniors and what could be better than a motivation speech by our Placement Secretary and not mentioning just after few days the ice-breaking sessions arranged by our seniors was really a time where we became friendly with them. Well, this is just a glimpse of what makes my campus unique.

Everything here is beautiful although it’s a temporary campus we have almost all the facilities which most of the other B. Schools don’t get. The first unique thing about my campus which I already mentioned is that my campus is located just near the bank of river Yamuna so there is always a cool breeze flowing in the campus. The campus is on the outskirt of the city so it has a pleasant atmosphere. The beauty of the campus is amazing; in the morning you can see the ground is fully covered by cranes which is a real beauty you can just imagine that. Not just cranes the chirruping of the sparrows can always be heard while you move within the campus. Also, there is an owl which I believe is the only owl here; you could always see it during the night sitting near the light. It has no significance though it’s attached to every one of us.

We have a campus where students from almost all the states of our country are studying so we have a diverse culture. Every festival is celebrated with equal enthusiasm be is Holi or be it Christmas, you can experience Onam where students of our Southern Region dress up in their traditional attire, the Ganesh Chaturthi is really amazing here; students take part in the Aarti and the Visarjan is celebrated with sounds of dhols and dances. Not just festivals we celebrate Quami-Ekta where we celebrate the culture of a particular state throughout the year.

Also, the most unique thing that we have is that we have the first lady director of IIM, Professor Dr. Neelu Rohmetra. She was the first to be appointed as the only lady director of all the IIMs. We are in the process of growth and we believe every small step will lead us towards milestones.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I am a person who is always inclined to fashion, the reason is that it is never the same, today you wear one dress and tomorrow it will be outdated every day you have to face challenges in the fashion industry.

I would want to work for Fashion and Retail Sector of Aditya Birla Group as it has top brands associated with it. Talking about fashion we cannot limit ourselves to not mentioning about Pantaloons which retails over 200 licensed and international brands. The way it caters to all its shareholders is amazing in its own way.

Fashion is not just dressing but a lifestyle we have in us.

– Phukhato Sema


IIM Sirmaur

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.


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