IIM Tiruchirappalli – The Springboard To Reach My Dreams

Why and how I chose IIM Trichy?

During my two years tenure as a purchase executive, I had the opportunity to exercise and improve my people management, negotiating and costing skills. I developed a keen interest in management and wanted to have a full-fledged career in management. I decided to take a decision to follow my dream. I quit my job to pursue a post-graduation course in management as a foundation for a career in management. The management course is a critical investment in terms of both the cost and the time spent. I wanted to make a profitable investment. I had to ensure that the choice was most appropriate for the time and effort that would be spent and I was also looking to develop my personality holistically. So I chose IIM Tiruchirappalli.

Why IIM Tiruchirappalli?

There are 5 reasons why I chose IIM Tiruchirappalli

  • The IIM Trichy brand: It would be a great value addition for me to be able to carry the IIM Trichy brand. One of the top management schools in the country, the identity will be an invaluable resource to launch my career in the corporate world. The value of the brand is enhanced by the quality of the institute, students and alumni.
  • Location & InfrastructureSituated in Trichy which is fast growing to be one of the largest economies of the state, the campus has state of the art infrastructure specially designed to meet all student requirements. The campus not only provides a comfortable living environment but also has various resources to facilitate learning. Bangalore and Chennai which are some of the leading cities in terms of job and business opportunities are located within a radius of 340 kilometres which is an added advantage.
  • Placements: The institute has a 100% placement record for both the summer and final placements. In addition, there are diverse companies in all the different domains which recruit from here, which appealed to me because I knew that I would have an opportunity to pursue a career in whichever domain I chose based on my interest.
  • Co-curricular & Extra-curricular activities: The campus has various clubs and self interest groups that allow you to further develop and invest in your passion and interests. The clubs have numerous achievements that not only show the interest and commitment of the students, but also of the management in promoting a culture where holistic development is made possible.
  • The vision of the institute: One of the visions of the institute is to be among the top 5 premier management institutions in the country. Although it may be a new generation IIM, it has the strong base in terms of the faculty, infrastructure, resources, a diverse & talented student pool and most importantly the drive to achieve required to grow to higher levels
  • IIM Trichy may not have a rich legacy, but I have learnt that IIM Trichy does not believe in following legacies, it believes in creating them.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Capital Limited. The first reason is that it would give me an opportunity to work in my field of interest: Finance. I would be deeply vested in the work because of my interest. In addition, the two important qualities that I associate myself with are commitment and consistency and because of this I know I will be able to add value to the company. The vision of the company displays its passion and drive and I would be proud to work for such an organization.

This article is written by Navisa J – Class of 2020

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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