IIM Trichy – Best Choice I Made

When you open the box of memories, You just can’t stop at one. Getting into an iim was a dream to me. When I think about it a beautiful memory pops in my mind. That day, when I came back home excited nervous to check the CAT results.

I wasn’t expecting a call from IIM Udaipur and IIM Trichy due to stringent shortlisting criteria. I was expecting to be in waitlist. I open the screen and Booooom I had an offer from IIM Udaipur.

We decided to Visit the campus so me and my family visited Udaipur. I fell in the love with city campus and I prepared myself that I’m going Udaipur, as I had no hopes of converting the Trichy Waitlist. I decided to enjoy the remaining trip. We were in the City Palace Fort and the congratulatory message from Trichy popped it. I had converted in the 1st list itself. My joy knew no bounds.

But then the dilemma began. I was confused between Udaipur and Trichy. I came back home and exhausting research sessions began. At the GDPI Prep workshop, we were told that Trichy and Ranchi are the Best Among the new ones. Still Udaipur was closer to my heart and my home. Other than these two I wasn’t really considering any other IIM’s even though I had converted all.

I had a very limited information about Trichy before I received the confirmation. After that, I was hunting for the information from every possible source. I went on the official Website. All YouTube Google Facebook stalking skills were put to use. One particular Video that made me excited about Trichy was Life at IIM Trichy which gave an insider view.

I checked the placement reports. The placements were at-par. I saw the media companies visiting the Trichy campus for placement. I talked to the Placecom member. He told me so much about the institute. It’s culture, It’s campus And everything seemed like a dream. Apart from that, he narrated me an incident where the Placecom team took so much efforts to get a Visually challenged boy placed in an Esteemed company. The institute’s approach towards physically disabled person also mattered a lot to me because I was being the one. I checked various websites for the Rankings and everywhere Trichy stood over Udaipur.

Every mentor I talked to said the same. One such Review I got was Trichy is better for Finance and Udaipur for Research and marketing. That was the only thing that held me back from cancelling my admission at Udaipur. I had to report on 10th for the preparatory course at Trichy. I decided to go for it. But I still wasn’t sure. But Once I entered the Campus I knew I was going to be there for 2 years. The campus was really beautiful. It all seemed like a dream. The hostel rooms, classrooms, library and everything matched world-class.

The staff around here, the Faculty are so helping and Approachable that I could go to them with the silliest of my doubts. I made so many good friends at the Preparatory Course that we had a very close-knit bonding. People around here and the friends I made were another reason for me to keep Trichy.

I finally decided to cancel my admission at Udaipur and Start my new life Iim Trichy


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why

As the logo of ABGLP rightly suggests ABGLP is a World of Opportunities. An internship Programme in ABGLP is a very good opportunity for any candidate to explore the opportunities and get a sneak peek of how things work in different work. I believe ABGLP will groom me as a manager to become a leader. The challenges I face there would teach me new skills and help me discover my abilities. ABGLP is also an established firm in different sectors like Food, Grocery, Fashion and Lifestyle. The sector that excites me the most is Fashion. I’m a deep admirer of Pantaloons, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Louis Phillipe and Forever 21. Someday I would like to work from one of it.


This article is written by Tanvi Vedak – Class of 2020

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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