IIM Trichy – The Best Place To Be!

The Faculty and pedagogy

IIM Trichy has a very good group of faculty who have amongst rich experience in both academia and industry. The student-to-faculty ratio is high. Although it is similar across IIMS, the case study pedagogy brings out the best of ideas in the classroom for discussion where students and faculty alike bring out some exceptional real-life experiences. This mode, I have felt have a strong impact on the inquisition of a body rather than the lecture mode

The Campus

IIM Trichy boasts of permanent state-of-the-art campus which is spread over 175 acres is envisioned to be one of the most modern campuses ever built, and with that ambition comes the mantle of responsibility; it will be the first among all the IIMs to have a 2MW solar power plant to manage all its energy requirements. Its academic block houses the classrooms that are inspired by Harvard Business School, incorporating the Harvard Style Horseshoe seating format which is intended to bring out the motto, “Knowledge is Limitless” through discussions.

MAD Project

IIM T has a mandatory Make-a-Difference project as a part of the mandatory curriculum is an initiative which reminds b-school students of their responsibility to the society

Development of Trichy

IIM T has collaborated with CII (Trichy) to develop Trichy as a tourist hub and in the Trichy District Development Plan, are being readied by IIM T to transform the city into an attractive destination. The master plan is being prepared by our distinguished faculties to unearth the potential of the city.

Fun activities

In the midst of the hectic schedule, we do find time for recreational and sports activities. We have our very IIMT Cricket and Football on the lines of IPL and ISL where a real-time auction of players is done.

SANSKRITI, our section war cultural event strengthens the bond among the batch mates where every individual puts in their best effort to help their sections’ cause.

Moreover, we celebrate all the festivals together irrespective of religion with both faculties and students participating

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

My interest to work in retail coupled with the growth potential of this sector. Moreover, recently Aditya Birla have signed many pacts to increase the reach and become a nationwide entity. This has to be long term goal of ABG.This would provide an exciting and challenging environment for me once I am in the company.

This article is written by Jayanta Datta – Class of 2019.

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