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Upon completion of graduation, I started working in the largest banking services software company in the world- Oracle financial services software(OFSS). Working in OFSS was a great experience. I learned many banking terminologies and how banks operate. While working full time in OFSS, I started trading in the Indian equity market part time. Once I had enough experience I decided to quit OFSS and trade full time.

This was the toughest phase of my life. As things didn’t work as planned. I lost half the trading capital in 6 months. The major problem was that I didn’t have any job to maintain the cash flow. So I decided to stop trading and figure out how to bring everything back on track. In order to survive and maintain cash flow I decided to give tuition. This took care of the daily expenses and provided ample time to work on trading. I decided to find a mentor who would guide me to make a trading system. I joined an Advisory firm called Dana Growth. After talking to a senior trader there I realised that I was on right track. I finally came up with a sophisticated Trading system and broke-even in 2 months. I learned that it is very important to have a professional guidance. It helps in decreasing the learning curve and also helps in finding the blind spot that we may not see through.

During this process, I discovered I have a keen interest in the area of finance and particularly portfolio and asset management. To complete the preparation process my short-term objectives are-:

First – to acquire quality general academic education in business administration while also mastering the managerial and leadership skills.

Second – To acquire a professional education in Finance to help me enhance my perspective on the Financial Markets. I wish to say, sincerely, that in my opinion the course structure of IIM Trichy can fulfil both my short-run objectives optimally. It is considered best course for developing general management skills and acquiring management tools. Also, it offers electives in the area of Finance with subjects such as Security analysis and portfolio management, Indian financial system, financial derivatives, Accounting, Valuation etc. which will provide a significant advancement towards achieving my goal. Also IIM Trichy is CFA certified which means it covers at least 70 percent of the CFA syllabus which also strengthens the reason to select IIM TRICHY.


I would like to work for- Birla sun life asset management company.

I have been trading in Indian equity and equity futures market actively for 2 years. I have done an in depth research in equity market from the point of view of Technical Analysis. And by every passing day my interest in markets has only got strengthened. One of my highest aspirations is to work for an Asset management firm. Birla sun life asset management company has a significant presence not just in asset management but also in real estate investments which makes it all the more
interesting to work for.

This article is written by Abhishek Kumar Sah – Class of 2020

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