IIM Trichy- The Motherhood Institution

I will share my personal life experience that I had and I am presently experiencing in the IIM Trichy Campus.

I forfeited my offer from a much older IIM to join IIM-Trichy mainly because of two reason the first one is I was running a start-up so I thought it would be better for me to stay in my own state so that I can easily go and look out for meetings with the Angle funders and VC’s. Secondly, I wanted to do a major in finance, IIM-Trichy is known for its excellence in Finance domain both in terms of teaching and placements.

The initial days in IIM Trichy were very exhaustive both physically and mentally due to the constant travelling we had between our temporary and the permanent campus, which was parted by about 30 km. But, now I think about those days it gives a lot of nostalgic memories.

I was in a really bad position financially at the time of joining IIM Trichy, because I didn’t have my father and my mother had just retired from a small private school and my brother was jobless at the time. IIM-Trichy management understood my financial position and gave me a chance to present my case for a scholarship from Societe-Generale. This scholarship will be given to a deserving candidate based upon a lot of parameters. Out of the 50 odd candidates, I was one amongst the two to have received the scholarship (Entire college fees including mess and all the other fees will be fully paid to the institution on my behalf). IIM-Trichy didn’t just act as an educational institution, it also understood my position and acted as a mentor, friend, and a family member. This caretaking is what according to me makes my campus IIM-Trichy as one of the unique institutions.

There are also several things like conducting a program called Make-a- difference, where students are required to work for a social change and cause for the betterment of our society. This program is part our PGP-program and the students will be awarded the PGP degree only if they undergo this program with satisfactory performance, which will be certified by a team of faculties. IIM-Trichy always believes in feeding the moral values along with the usual academic knowledge to the students, which I feel is unique than the other institutions. We have a completely green campus, with most of the power generation were through the renewable source (Solar). We have one of the largest floating library (which is exactly located at the Epi-centre of our campus because we know all other things should revolve around this knowledge center) an institution could probably have in India.

Owing to the above-said things, I can proudly say my Campus IIM Trichy, which grooms me like a father and cares me like a mother as one of the unique institutions in our country.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to be part of Aditya Birla Capital considering the interest and the earlier work experiences I had in the financial sector. Since I worked as a banker for 3 years before joining IIM Trichy and also here in IIM Trichy am doing my majors in Finance. So I want to be part of a big conglomerate group like Aditya Birla for the betterment of my career.

– This article is written by S.Anandakrishnan – Class of 2019

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