There Is More To IIM Trichy Than Ranks And Numbers – Chetan Yadav

IIM Trichy, one of the second generation IIMs is now into its eighth year of existence and has gone a long way ahead of its peers in establishing a separate name for itself among the top 15 management institutions of India. However, Ranks and numbers are often misleading and don’t tell the exact story as there’s more to what makes IIM Trichy unique.

Quality of Students and their determination to make IIM Trichy proud:

As IIM’s now focus on the overall profile (Academic Diversity, Academic Performance, Work Experience, etc) of the candidate rather than just the CAT score, most students that get into the second generation IIMs are those having a CAT score good enough to get them a call from the older IIMs but its the past academic performance of the aspirants that brings them down to the newer ones. As a matter of fact, the minimum qualifying percentile for PGP of IIM Trichy stood around 95 percentile compared to 81 percentile of IIM Ahmedabad and 90 percentile for IIM Indore.

The main reason behind that was the academic diversity and excellent past academic performance respectively. It is, however, a trade-off that IIMs have to make between High CAT percentile and Diversity/Past performance and hence students of older IIMs cannot be said to be ‘absolutely’ better than those in the newer ones. Each has their own ‘comparative advantage’ and one does not know which of them would lie on an efficiency frontier if drawn using the data.

The students of older IIMs have better opportunities in terms of companies that visit their campus which at times they take for granted but some companies that visit both older IIMs, as well as IIM Trichy, have seen that many of our students have outperformed the students from older IIMs and have taken PPOs and PPIs ahead of them in their internships.

IIM Trichy is the only management institute to be associated with the CFA Institute and its because we have won the CFA challenge for the last three years. There is not a single industry competition or sports meet where we participate and don’t end up being amongst the top. Although the students of the Top 25 B-Schools are more or less of the same calibre, it is the determination of IIM Trichy students not only for their career but to enhance the reputation of the institute and show the world that we are no less than our older counterparts forget about our peers. In this process, the kind of infrastructure we have, the faculty and other resources is a bonus and we are extremely proud of everything.

Which ABG company I want to Work for and Why?

I have always been a person who has always challenged the status quo because that is how I believe we move towards perfection or at least improving continuously. I have held several strong leadership positions in the past which have helped me to not only understand myself but also people. My ability to understand people is what motivates to take up a career in marketing which itself is driven by consumers. Hence, I believe Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd is one such opportunity where I can pursue my passion, utilise my strengths and continuously improve myself in the ever-changing retail industry.

This article is written by Chetan Yadav – Class of 2019.

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