IIM Trichy – Rare And Unconventional

What makes IIM Trichy unique?

Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli, a home to 500 people of different culture, intellect, interest and energy levels. A campus which encapsulates the beauty and passion of all who have studied and the students who are yet to come. The splendid library in the middle of the campus signifies knowledge being endless and an essential component of human survival. The luscious trees, lake and migratory birds in a few seasons provides a stupendous view from the balcony early morning. The classroom design which is inspired from Harvard school facilitates interactive learning as every student in the class is visible to his peers and to the facilitator(who are happy to call them arrows who provide directions) himself. While every B-school subject focusses on the profitability aspect of industry and competition, IIM Tiruchirappalli is the only IIM which came up with a unique vision of building up managers who are not only intellectual playwrights but also who contribute to the community their organization is a part of by starting a Make a Difference project.

The project is an attempt to bud in the core values of social responsibility, humility, empathy so that the future business managers can grow into better business leaders. From the time of its inception, the different Make a difference project has contributed in significantly in the area around Trichy. The students come up in groups and select an area which they recognize to be in a dire need for change and have worked in various fields including an increase in employment opportunities for women, improving the sanitation habits and the use of digital payments in rural areas. The projects provided the students with a new outlook about the problems in the marginalized sector of India and give them a change to be a catalyst of the change they want to see.

IIM Trichy, although been in its seventh year is far ahead from other B-Schools due to its rigorous pedagogy (which is similar to the CFA programme), an experienced faculty which is evident from the range of competitions which the students have won accolades in. IIM Trichy is far ahead in terms of gender diversity, varied years of work experience, domain knowledge which brings in vibrancy to the campus and facilitates learning with peers. IIM Trichy’s flagship management & cultural event Dhruva is the biggest event in South India which brings in 1000+ participants across India to compete with each other across on various platforms.

The success of IIM Trichy lies in the 4P’s i.e. People which constitute Faculty, Administration, Students and Alumni. People associated with are working tirelessly to maintain the envisioned level of excellence for the institute. There may be various parameters which judge the excellence and ranking of the various institute but the real essence comes from the perspective of stakeholders and in that parameter the efforts of 4P’s vouch for IIM Trichy’s uniqueness and ability to win.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work in the Aditya Birla Capital Advisors of the AB Group as it deals with the investment management and advisory services for investors. Due to my interest in the equity research, ABCA will help me gain exposure to lot of process and customers across the goal. ABCA is also known for its employee friendly work culture which will help me grow as a better financial analyst.

This article is written by Neha Iyer – Class of 2019.

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