IIM Trichy – As I See It

“Everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view”, said someone. Depending on who you are, you may look at things differently than others. IIM Trichy is unique to me for the roller coaster of experiences so far, positive and negative.

Culture & Alumni:

A young institution with an evolving culture allowing every one to make their mark, big or small for there is no baggage of legacy. The reality also is that there isn’t any such thing as a free lunch. Without legacy, there is also a good chance that you don’t have any alumni of IIM-T to talk to in your summer internship organization when the older guys on the block (read older IIMs) are having fun talking campus stories. The situation hits you hard on the face when all your intern colleagues are just from IIM-A, B, C and XLRI. :’(

Don’t worry and fret, fainthearted,

                                The chances have just began,

                                For the best jobs haven’t been started,

                                The best work hasn’t been done.



Though there may be times when the barren land outside the buildings make people feel like lab rats, there is also pride in being part of the first few batches to enter the state-of-art permanent campus. The buzzing construction activity can also make you wonder if the building that you see in front of your eyes was really there the last time you went for a walk. The single occupancy rooms give everyone here the privilege of solitude, which is badly craved for during internship in the crowded cities of Mumbai, Delhi.


The much hated 8:30 classes and academic rigor during 1st year slowly become tolerable and turn in to bragging rights during the internship. The amazing set of peers from diverse backgrounds who are the most difficult ones to be with during classes help you grow without you even realising it. The professors make you wonder if you just lifted the flood gates of a dam with their questions the moment something slips out of your mouth without proper thought.


Location-specific advantage (revelation in this case, however), is being in a state like Tamil Nadu, also makes you realise that you can’t survive with just English alone. Everyone leaves with a few Tamil words in their arsenal.

Well, it’s a lot of fun to talk about these things, but less so while writing. So, I will stop here.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Given the backdrop of my internship where I had the opportunity to learn about the Financial services sector in India, I am inclined towards ‘Aditya Birla Capital’.  I believe that the financial sector is India is unique compared to other countries with a large chunk of rural population and MSMEs. The huge unorganised sector, small ticket size loan demands keep much of the country’s population at a disadvantage when it comes to availing financial services for most of the nationalised banks at times find it costly to serve this population. I see Aditya Birla Capital as one of the players who is uniquely serving this market opportunity and want to be a part of it.                                                                                                                                                                     

– This article is written by Tejaswini Etlam – Class of 2019

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