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To start with, this is the first time I am experiencing a hostel life as I was a day scholar throughout my earlier education. Facilities provided by IIM Trichy makes me feel that this is my second home. IIM Trichy is a student driven organization and college management consults student council for every decision taken by them. Student life here is something that teaches many things. Every moment I make here is a memorable one and it cherishes throughout my life.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

       -Martin Luther King, Jr.

IIM Trichy with its top-notch infrastructure located in an educational hub like Trichy not only focuses on academics but also on social responsibility and character building of a student. IIM Trichy also continuously working and partnering with concerned local authorities for the development of surrounding areas in whatever means it can. “Make A Difference” program of IIM Trichy is very special where student groups work on problems faced by people in surrounding areas and provide solutions to them based on the knowledge that was gained with the help of few NGOs under the mentorship of professors of IIM Trichy. The main motto behind this “Make A Difference” program is to give back something to society as it has given many things to us. I believe that this program inspires many people and can lead to a better society.

Coming to academics, IIM Trichy is a place of best faculty and students with innovative minds. The variety of approaches used by faculty helps the students to understand the concepts better and peer learning makes it easy and creates a strong bond between students. The faculty here at IIM Trichy are friendly and easily approachable for academic purpose, competitions and for career guidance as well. IIM Trichy encourages students to participate in many competitions by providing exemptions, allowances and guidance.

Student life is incomplete without extra-curricular activities. IIM Trichy has many clubs and committees that takes care of academic and non-academic activities. “Dhruva”, is a flagship management event of IIM Trichy which is conducted every year and it conducts case competitions, cultural competitions, alumni meet and many other activities. Overall, the work-life balance here at IIM Trichy is commendable. Finally, every person in IIM Trichy be it a professor or student or staff member, consider themselves as one family of IIM Trichy.

Which ABG Company would you like to work for and why?

In this rapidly changing world, capturing customer’s taste is a challenging task. Digital media, data analytics and the use of artificial intelligence helps to understand the customer in a better manner. If given an opportunity, I would like to work in Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited as it deals with large number of people and dealing with ever-changing fashion trends will be challenging and exciting to me.

This article is written by D John Bhaaswanth – Class of 2019

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