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I never liked staying at one place for a long time and I thought this would be the reason that would stop me from joining IIM Trichy since I had already completed my graduation from Tamil Nadu. But even a little research behind the computer gave me enough reason to understand that this was too big an opportunity to let slip by because of a silly bias. And I was completely convinced of having made the right decision after arriving at the campus. IIM Trichy is not just a B school that promises a bright future after a stay of two years, it has a personality of its own. It gave a pat on the back for the new joined students short on confidence by arranging a preparatory programme of two weeks to slide them smoother into the academic rigour of the programme whereas it also humbled the overconfident by pinning him or her on her back with more assignments to be completed in a day that would otherwise be hard completing even in the span of a week.

This occasional shift in character exhibited by the institute to remedy the problems faced by the students is one stand-alone quality that separates IIM Trichy from any other B school. I have always been biased towards the underdog in a fight. Similarly, I assumed that It made sense in me securing admission in the best second generation IIM. Boy! Was I surprised? The thought of the institute is a second generation IIM went out the window with the first address speech by the director Mr Bhimaraya Metri who explained the ‘five in five’ plan, a target of reserving a berth in the top five IIMs in the next five years. Judging by the seriousness with which each academic calendar year has been planned out and the efforts were taken by the esteemed running the institute to create a name of the valuable network in and around the region, I can confidently say that the question is only about ‘when’ and not ‘if’.

As the common notion of an IIM being a male dense college has been a tough barrier to break, IIM Trichy understood the importance of having a healthy mix of both genders to encourage uninhibited interaction to simulate the environment in a corporate and for this reason the institute enjoys a 1:1 ratio of gender. All in all if I were to talk about the characteristics that sold IIM Trichy to me, I would say that the institute treats you like a friend, gives you important life lessons, provides the environment for a wonderful learning and last but not least It also gives you enough memories and experience to look back and smile.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

If I were presented with an opportunity to work in an Aditya Birla Group, I would choose the Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited. Fashion has been an industry I have had immense interest in right from Under graduation days. A natural liking for the field has pushed me to choreograph and coordinate the college fashion show team which has taken part in numerous competitions on college and national level. This experience has given me the exposure to identify the trend that breaks pattern, after all, fashion in a general market has always been portrayed as the ability to stand out. It is for this reason that I firmly believe that I would be able to contribute well to the Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited.


This article is written by Sreenath Thacholi Maruthiyat – Class of 2020

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