IIM Trichy: A Wondrous Odyssey – Apoorv Anand

It was a rainy morning in May 2017 when I got my call Letter for IIM Trichy. As I read the mail from the institute inviting me for admission, a surge of thrill along with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension ran through me. When I finally decided “So, Trichy it is”, I had no idea about my next two years.

But after my first year of MBA, I can safely say it has been an amazing journey. Being a national institute, it has students from every part of India ranging from the tea gardens of Assam to the deserts of Rajasthan and from Jammu in the north to Kozhikode in the south. So, being a part of a cosmopolitan culture is an enriching as well as a useful lesson.

My batchmates are some of the smartest people in my age group as they have come here after going through one of the most rigorous and selective selection processes. Peer interaction is an important part of MBA and is a part of the course pedagogy in the form of group assignments and presentations.

So, being part of various kinds of group ideas and being exposed to so many unique thought processes has helped me in expanding the horizons of my own thought process.

One of the most impressive aspects of IIM Trichy is the teaching. Being an engineering graduate, I was used to monotonous classes with theoretical explanation of subject matter coupled with some problem-solving. The one-dimensional process of teaching often made the classes dull. But at IIM Trichy, the classes are interesting due to the application of the concepts in the real world. Whether it is the Cost of Capital of a firm or a marketing strategy undertaken by another firm, the importance of decision making is highlighted in every case. So, every upcoming class is something to look forward to. This is often supplemented through cases and extra readings.

As far as the extra-curricular activities go, students are free to do as they please through the various clubs and committees. Guest lectures, competitions and live projects are organized by these clubs. As far as outdoor activities and sports are concerned the students here have a myriad of options. There are non-academic clubs for activities like quizzes, debate and social work.

So, to summarize my tenure at IIM Trichy can be expressed as hectic, difficult, fun but above of all worth it.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

If given an opportunity, I would like to work for Ultra Tech Cements. I am impressed by the growth it has managed to achieve in 35 years and how it became the largest cement exporter in India. Being an Operations inclined student, I would like to learn more about the process and reasons for the vertical integration in its supply chain. So, I feel it would be an amazing opportunity for me to work for a company which is inclined to excel and expand in the future.

This article is written by Apoorv Anand – Class of 2019

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