IIM Trichy’s Individualism

What makes IIM Trichy unique?

Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (IIM Trichy) is the eleventh IIM and was inaugurated on January 4, 2011 by the Hon’ble Minister for HRD and Telecommunication, Shri Kapil Sibal, under the assistance of the Government of India and the supervision of IIM-B. Since them IIM Trichy has never looked back. It has established a benchmark for unvacillating quality. Within 7 years of its established IIM Trichy has established its position among top 15 Management Colleges (NIRF 2018). The things that make it unique are:


IIMT has strong values which it imparts to its students, primary amongst which is an incessant desire to learn. IIMT strongly believes that the premise of value creation lies in the path of persistent learning. The institute supports and encourages diversity in age, gender, cultural and academic background this creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.


IIM Trichy consists of an astute mix of full-time faculty and visiting faculty both from other reputed business schools in India and the industry. IIM Trichy has top –notch faculty which never boost about their recognitions. They are very humble in their demeanour. They try to inculcate all of their qualities among their students. They believe that students would be the catalyst of change for the amelioration of the future and hence takes great responsibility in shaping them into leaders of tomorrow.

In present day world, global business is experiencing rapid changes. Most of the organizations are changing their business models. This compels the understanding of business and policies in a global context. The presence of foreign faculty in IIM Trichy serves to achieve this goal and collaterally lends the feel of working in a multicultural environment.


IIM Trichy has a permanent campus of 172.27 acres (69.72 ha) land. It is located just 12 km away from the Tiruchirappalli International Airport. The campus is one of the most modern campuses ever built. The academic block houses classrooms that are inspired by Harvard Business School, incorporating the Harvard Style Horseshoe seating format which is intended to bring out the motto, “Knowledge is Limitless” through discussions.

The Learning Resource Centre ( LRC), or Library, like the rest of the campus is an architectural wonder, designed to look every bit the beating heart of the Institute. LRC facilitates knowledge creation through its electronic search platform and provides access to a wide array of research resources on and off campus. LRC is powered by RFID Technology to enable hassle free check-in check-out of documents providing convenience and flexibility of access to the students. The centre is Wi-Fi enabled to afford faster access to e-resources.

The hostels are elegantly furnished and air-conditioned. The rooms are single occupancy with a private balcony and 24 by 7 Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity.

Student life:

IIM Trichy consists of students having diversity in age, gender, cultural and academic background. The accommodation of multiple and diverse perspectives creates an atmosphere of mutual respect. IMM Trichy gives students full freedom to decide upon their academic gradient based on their work experience, academic background as well as their appetite for a challenge and thus provides them with an environment conducive in enhancing their learning experience.

IIM Trichy is the first IIM to be a part of the globally renowned CFA Institute University Recognition Programme. As a part of this programme, scholarships are offered to a fixed number of students every year to take up the CFA Programme, which adds an edge to the profile of the students interested in pursuing a career in the Finance domain.

Most of the events and activities are student driven. There are various academic and non-academic clubs. The Students’ Council helps the students to participate in the development of the institute and develop their career, personality and organizational skills through interactive programs with the faculty, staff and public.

The Sports Committee of IIM Trichy caters to the sporting needs of the student community. Some of its major initiatives are Sangram (Annual Sporting Festival between IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode and IIM Trichy), Sangram (Annual Sporting Festival between IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode and IIM Trichy), Kurukshetra (War between Sections), Adios series, Alumni vs. Students Match etc.

‘Make a Difference’ Team Project engages students with societal issues that affect their community. It also attempts to inculcate the core values of social responsibility, humility and empathy in its students so that they evolve into socially responsible managers and also work towards the betterment of their communities. It starts with ‘MAD Talks’ which introduce the MAD project to the students and emphasize its need and relevance. After the MAD Talks, students organize themselves in teams of five or six on an issue of social importance and work across three to five months along with other curriculum requirements. They work on a specific theme such as education, health etc., or work on a project with an organization like NGO etc.

The list goes on and on but these are some of the prominent things that can be found in IIM Trichy.

This article is written by Mehvish Naseem – Class of 2020

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