Why IIM Udaipur Is The Best – Punit Raj, IIM Udaipur

So you have heard both ‘trusted’ and ‘far-fetched’ sources discuss us, and chomped your fingernails off watching remark wars on different sites, likely with popcorn and fries close by. Furthermore, on the off chance that I am not wrong, you opened this article expecting some genuine examination, complex charts and string hypothesis joined with the advancement of man, and whatever it requires sort of push to reveal to you why IIM Udaipur is your salvation.

All things considered, sorry to learn you, this article won’t attempt to persuade you to swing a sword on our side. Nor will it attempt to “turn you”, as Vampire legend goes. This is to demonstrate to you a real to life perspective of the way we roll!

1. You are going to ridiculously abhor your birthday celebrations in IIM Udaipur. As the clock strikes 12, you will find a mail in your inbox, composed by your companions to the bunch, uncovering your most humiliating pictures and in like manner. Your palms will sweat and you will wish you were somewhere else. Simply then you get kidnapped from the room and everybody you know or didn’t know crushes cake on you. Grimy, would it say it isn’t? That ought to be a decent starter to fend off you from this place.

2. You will wind up one of us-you will build up the engine abilities to return with mockery to any type of feedback. What’s more, you will before long take in the ordinarily exhausting IIMU method for not talking terrible of anybody but rather utilizing funniness to overcome. Such a misfortune! You could thoroughly be speaking rubbish about other individuals and here you will expect the Harvey Scratch Mode. That is to say, before he wound up Two-confront.

3. Lodgings can truly make you sluggish. Other individuals do all your room cleaning and you have clothes washers, ice chest and cooking stoves. It is excessively comfortable for good. From late August onwards you get the opportunity to have single air conditioning rooms and a splendid view outside the windows. Encourage apathy! Gracious and also, first years have only three classes every day! You ought to thoroughly not pick a place that makes you live like a lord.

4. You can have your group gatherings or club gatherings or social affairs any time of time in an inn or in the academics square gave you don’t aggravate others. Club gatherings, rest guaranteed, are quite often after supper. Wouldn’t you say life is improved by confinements? Like some magnificent spots have with respect to timings what not.

5. There is a club for everything – from Media work to Wreckage duties. You get the chance to have a say in the sustenance that is being cooked – the first time in your life. Unnerving would it say it isn’t? On the off chance that you are unfortunate, the Shows club will assert your spirit and put you in front of an audience. Or on the other hand, amid fests, you may wind up being the most needed individual in school. Prevalence is such a waste, correct?

6. Coming to Arrangements! At this point the response of stun must come like a reflex activity to you when we say Situations are not our need, training is! Truly, who says that? Obviously, IIM Udaipur is presently appraised by MHRD as the fifth in the nation as far as nature of training and inquire about, and furthermore positioned the same in the renowned UT Dallas appraisals. In any case, who truly minds that a multi-year old IIM accomplished such an accomplishment right? All we need is a correlation! We would prefer not to hear the normal bundle in IIMU is ascending significantly, and best of organizations are coming to grounds to enroll with extremely difficult parts, all because of its emphasis on scholarly brilliance. We particularly need to be informed that Situations are everything! Unquestionably IIMU isn’t the correct decision all things considered.

7. Workforce will help you to remember those instructors in school who dependably demanded you present your work on time and reprove you when you don’t. Who needs that after the simplicity of designing right? Here on the off chance that you don’t comprehend something in class, the personnel will demand you visit him or her and get that arranged. That sort of help and direction is so difficult to process, particularly when it originates from broadly acclaimed teachers! Furthermore, additional classes and instructional exercises for question clearing when you could be dozing in peace! Goodness, IIM Udaipur is the last place anybody might want to be in.

8. On the principal day you will find out about ‘Straightforwardness’, and gradually this word will harm you. You will wind up being straightforward to insiders, outcasts, and applicants alike. You will never have the capacity to insult another school, since you comprehend the blood and sweat it takes to take an organization to the apex of achievement. You will find out about the Executive’s vision of being one of the main 100 business colleges on the planet in fifteen years’ time, and you will trust it. Truly, do you require that sort of change in your life?

9. You will get the chance to meet a few business people amid the twenty-one quick months you spend here, and might get so roused that you may transform into one yourself, supported by the school! Saksham, the E-Cell of IIM Udaipur has effectively propelled Summer Entrepreneurship Program. So you can work for yourself for summers and attempt your own particular hand at business rather than a temporary position. To urge understudies to take up this ideal opportunity, IIM Udaipur will likewise give budgetary help to the chose understudies as a stipend.

Additionally, understudies who set out on entrepreneurial ventures after school are given money related help of 20k for 2 months, and in addition a chance to sit for conceded situations. IIMU pollutes you with the germ of thinking beyond practical boundaries! No big surprise such a significant number of business visionaries have strolled these lobbies. On the off chance that you aren’t cautious, you may come down with the infection.

On the off chance that after all the dim stuff composed above, you are overcome enough to join IIM Udaipur, at that point two words for you –


“Welcome Home!”

IIM Udaipur Placement Committee

IIM Udaipur, established in 2011, focuses on three pillars of academic excellence, research and career growth for its students so as to provide a transformational journey. Email: placecomm@iimu.ac.in