IIM Udaipur And Purdue University – Where The Magic Happened

The dreams were realised when I entered the IIM Udaipur campus but magic happened when IIM U through its dual degree program made us cross 7 seas to reach The United States Of America. On a fine fall morning when you wake up and realise you were walking along lush green grass with colourful flowers in a brilliant harmony, fresh wind surrounding your thoughts and cultures of 180 countries greeting you, be very sure you are at Purdue University.

Amidst the beauty of the place, the culture in the faces and the excitement in the masses, a well crafted and balanced academic curriculum is designed welcomed us. The academics is a judicious mix of core supply chain subjects and different electives which range from stock markets study to language classes. This makes sure that students apart from their core subjects can learn their core interests. Though the curriculum is rigorous, the university made sure that students could participate in various case competitions, industry conferences, sports events or take up work on a part-time basis in the campus. Also, the students were evaluated on daily classroom activities and industry-specific assignments rather than concentrating on the midterm or end term exams. So instead of engaging in marks oriented learning, the focus is given on knowledge oriented learning and teamwork. Regarding placements, Purdue organises one of the biggest career fares in the United States with more than 500 major global corporates participating and organising industrial roundtable conference inside the campus. And the fun part is we can eat, drink (non-alcoholic), use cell phones, laptops inside the classroom and also enter /leave the classroom anytime in between class. And so when you need to answer the professor’s question, just lift your hand with a burger in it and spell out the answer sipping a drink.


Moving out of studies, with 30,000 students from different courses, countries, culture, Purdue is a country where the whole world lives without any boundaries with a common culture of humanity and common course of knowledge. The strong alumni base of Astronauts with the likes of Neil Armstrong, coveted noble laureates, famous Hollywood actors makes you part closely knit family which has always strived to make the world a better and happier place in.

Concluding, this magical experience in our lives is made possible by the IIM U PGPX course designed for us keeping in mind all the industry requirements and feeding us values and knowledge from industry experts worldwide.



Bisha Ojha


Class Of 2017


Media and Industry Interaction Cell (MiiC) plays the role of liaison between the Institute and the corporate world. MiiC acts as a voice of IIM Udaipur by publishing the activities and happenings in the campus across the media channels and managing the content on the IIM Udaipur website and various social media platforms.