IIM Vizag It Is

The preparation for an MBA aspirant starts long before he comes to the stage of choosing a college part. Yes, I am talking about the CAT for which some of us start preparation almost a year back. Throughout that process, we hear the term “bell the CAT” many a times and what does one mean when he says he has belled the CAT? Exactly how you see what I am getting at. Belling the Cat itself means getting into an IIM. So already you can see that many colleges have been excluded from the priority list.

Now coming to my story specifically, after the CAT process I was invited by the 9 IIMs participating in the CAP process and apart from those 9 IIMs I was also invited by the Amritsar, Nagpur and Visakhapatnam and hence my research was limited among these 12 IIMs only. Almost all these IIMs are at par and so it was becoming very difficult to decide and it was here that the mentors assigned to me by these IIMs helped. I contacted most of them individually and had a phone chat or WhatsApp chat regarding the USPs of these places. The performance of the previous batch, the climate, the faculties almost everything was scrutinized by my layman prowess in this field. Finally and ironically what made the decision factor easier for me was that I could only convert 3 of these IIMs out of which two had typically extreme weather conditions and also the interest shown by their respective state government in their development was nowhere near the zeal with which Andhra Government is supporting IIMV. So this made me favour IIMV over the other two. During the cat preparation, I dreamed of joining IIMB so being mentored by that institute further backed my decision. The small batch size and one of the best faculties in the country would lead to the best individual attention one can expect during his MBA.

I have done my undergrad from Manipal a similar coastline city in Karnataka and I hope that some of that nostalgia can be relived here due to its vicinity with the coast. I am looking forward to see a dynamic change in myself after joining IIMV as already I can see that my peers are extremely talented individuals and as they say more than half the learning is from your peers so finally IIMV it is.


I would like to have an opportunity to sit for IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED during placements as the dynamic of this company is undergoing a major upheaval right now. The DoT has given the nod for the merger with Vodafone India and only the decided spectrum charges needs to be paid. The telecom sector has been completely de-stabilized after the disruptive entry of JIO in the market. I feel that merger is only the first step in a long drawn battle for supremacy and as a Marketing major aspirant I feel that Idea is the place to be for me. History is proof that when two equal rivals clash Marketing strategy becomes a major force for success. Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola or Mercedes vs. Jaguar are some of the few rivalries with which a parallel can be drawn for this scenario and hence I am sure that IDEA will be the most exciting and competitive place to be for a Marketing Major graduate with a technical degree during undergrad.

Also, it will be a dream come true to cut my teeth in this industry with such a prestigious and one of the fortune 500 groups.

Placecom IIM Visakhapatnam

Placement Committee, Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam


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