Summer Placements 2011-13: IIM Lucknow


IIM Lucknow has clearly established itself as part of the top 4 campuses in the country as far as placements are concerned. IIM Lucknow is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. It is an unanimous view by people here at InsideIIM that IIM Lucknow has probably had the best ever summer placements as far as variety of roles goes and the kind of companies visiting the campus.

(As you read the report, wherever you see ‘Not Reported’ it implies either no company has offered a role in that domain/sector or due to non-disclosure agreements with companies the information has been withheld.)

IIM Lucknow has plenty of front-end investment banking opportunities but what puts it in a different league is the number of private equity firms and the hedge fund scene. Also, big banks seem to offer front end markets roles at IIM Lucknow something we haven’t seen anywhere apart from IIM ABC.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management should be a middle office support role according to us

While the general management scene was always strong at IIM Lucknow, McKinsey & Co. and BCG are now permanent recruiters at IIM Lucknow for both summers and finals. Frost & Sullivan has also offered an Singapore stint.

(The above list is not exhaustive of all companies that recruited in Consulting & General Management at IIM L. Also, certain marquee names may not be mentioned due to non-disclosure agreement between the company and IIM L.)

None of the Class of 2013 students at IIM Lucknow who want to build a career in FMCG  should have any reason to complain. Just about every FMCG name one would generally aspire for visits IIM Lucknow.

(The above list is not exhaustive of all companies that recruited for FMCG roles at IIM L. Also, certain marquee names may not be mentioned due to non-disclosure agreement between the company and IIM L.)

Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft – make a terrific line-up. Throw in Flipkart,Naukri and Yatra and it gives students a great choice in technology firms and the e-commerce space. Roles at companies like Nokia, Castrol and Raymond also sound very promising.  It is a general consensus here at that summer projects in these companies are very interesting and exciting. Given below are some of these companies along with names in Media and Advertising  space.

(Amazon and Flipkart have also hired for Supply Chain Management roles)The above list is not exhaustive of all companies that recruited for above sectors at IIM L. Also, certain marquee names may not be mentioned due to non-disclosure agreement between the company and IIM L.)

There are other domains/sectors for which demand is usually lower relative to Finance,Consulting or Marketing. looks at summer placement opportunities in some of those sectors at IIM Lucknow below:

IIM Lucknow also shared with us names of companies who have given international offers. There are 21 confirmed  international offers so far in locations like Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE

Readers must note that in addition to these there could be more international stints. Companies do not always have confirmed projects and roles as early as October-November for an internship in April-May next year. For e.g. HUL is known to give interns a stint in other countries in Asia-Pacific region. We are only stating confirmed international offers below.

There are other parameters we have identified which should help everyone get a complete picture. We have stated them here below:

IIM L institute policy prevents the placement committee to reveal certain data sought by above.

The functional break-up of offers is not available yet. We shall upload it as soon as it’s available from the IIM Lucknow placement committee.

Team wishes to thank IIM Lucknow placement committee for sharing information and confirming the role classification done by us as per the above format. All the role-wise splits and top company mappings were run through the placement committee of IIM L before this story was published. The commentary around every statistic is strictly by people at and the IIM L placement committee has not played any role in it.

Special mention : Team InsideIIM was extremely impressed by the quality of the recruiter guide to summer placements on the  IIM Lucknow website. It is very well-made , detailed and gives very relevant statistics for recruiters. You can see it here.

Highlights for us that differentiate IIM Lucknow from rest of the pack are:

  • No. of front-end investment banking opportunities
  • Top banks offering markets roles
  • Top Consulting firms being regulars now
  • Presence of Hedge Funds and Private Equity players
  • No. of  International offers
  • Wide universe of FMCG,Technology,Consumer Products firms
  • Fact that 400+ students were placed with relative ease

This is the second in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers.

Readers should bear in mind that summer placement reports will be starkly different from Final placement reports. A lot of companies only recruit for summers and not finals and vice-versa. Also, decisions taken by students in terms of which companies to apply to and which offers to accept are very different after spending 18 months in an institution vis-a-vis the ones taken after just 3-4 months as is the case with summer internships. In a few institutes there is no choice after applying to a company i.e. you have to accept the first offer received from any of the companies you have applied to. This happens especially during summers. And in times like these where batch sizes are over 350 in most places, students are insecure and apply to every company that comes and are left with an offer in hand which they didn’t really want.  All the data needs to be kept in context of this reality.

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This has to be the by far the best placement report I have ever read. And I am not exaggerating. I have not seen any other report give this kind of insight and details before. Kudos to the team here.

no name

Hi Buddy, I am studying in IIM L. The no. of students opted out is not 5. Its around 40-50 or more.


Placements in technology sector were awesome ! Nice to see L being almost at par to ABC now.


Kudos to insideiim team for the article.
Could you elaborate the roles offered by consumer product companies like google,amazon,yatra,lenovo etc


Seems the faculty and placement team in working with some solid long-term strategy there! Good effort on their part.

Team InsideIIM

In god we all believe, everyone else brings data to the table – Narayan Murthy. We cannot take such comments seriously unless you give your credentials and basis of your comment. We suggest readers not pay too much heed to such comments unless there is a solid claim. Also, even if this is true we still think IIM Lucknow has done quite well.


please check my ip address for checking my authenticity and nobody will dare to disclose his/her name. there are many holes in data given to you, but the opt out part is huge, 60 is just a conservative figure. it includes many iitians as well.

no name

The no. of students opted out is not 5. Its around 40-50 or more. Who gave you the data for students who opted out from the placements ? Just ask him/her to give the details ? Even out of 6 sections one section is having 10 students who opted out from the placements .

Team InsideIIM

We have published the number of students opting out as per data given by the placement committee of IIM Lucknow. Beyond that we have not made any checks. We cannot change the figures based on the comments section here. We will investigate only if we get an official email from some student of IIM Lucknow from his/her official id. We also maintain that even if that many students have signed out as claimed by some here, IIM L has still done extremely well.


one of the best articles on placements ever. With different sites posting different figures, this is the best non biased report. Kudos to the author
– IIML student

Amit S

Very nicely written…. Companies with profiles – that makes things crystal clear… However, IIM Lucknow Placement Committee is notorious for asking people to sign out of the process and get a job for themselves. Speak to any PGP1 at IIML and you will realize that jobs have been found for less than 400 people. This is not to demean the efforts of IIML Placecom.. I understand there could be a lot of pressure on them to close placements within a stipulated time and the administration at IIMs is usually not co-operative. Kudos to IIMC for putting the placements on rolling. IIML should have also endeavored to get a job for everyone on campus who is seeking one.


Shouldn't Investement Research and Equity Research be categorised as Front Office Research Roles.
They are not in IBD, so cant call the a support or middle office for it. Also, firms like Goldman and Nomura have separate teams to support trading research.
Goldman Global Investement Reseach and Nomura Research are front end roles – only thing not in IBD or S&T but in Research.


Well…companies were sent back post the placement of everyone. So forced sign outs are out of question i guess.


Can't wait for a similar report on FMS, XLRI and IIM Indore. This is a much more transparent way of sharing placement information. Wish InsideIIM can do it for other things like academics too!


ha ha ha ha…..what rubbish….infact around 7 people from section A signed out…ask any pgp 1 student from section A…if you don't believe ..come to class tomorrow…:P

no name

The effort was good. But the report for the no. of students opted out is not 5. Its around 40-50 or even more.


I am studying in IIML- Latest news :
50 students were forced to sign out by placement committee so that placecom can finish the process in a week and boast '100% placement'. shame on placecom !
at least 100 students are totally unsatisfied with placement and placement process because of lot of atrocities committed by placecom on studetnts. students have to beg to placecom for every issue. still they dont listen. GBM is being called to impeach placecom and change the placeemnt process at IIM Lucknow. about 50% batch has already signed referendum and placecom must resign asap to save their ass ! administration isnt intervening in the matter properly. students are very angry. its all because of placeemnt committee and their inhuman attitude towards students.
placecom were partying on final day of placecment week when at least 100 students were crying for their future because of forced signing out or not forced placement by placecom. Great change is expected in IIM Lucknow in coming days —


@ student@IIML and others : Guys, as a current 1st year in IIM-L myself, I think it is in our best interest not to air our internal problems publicly. Nobody outside is going to coming solve them for us, certainly no one on this forum. It's becoming an issue on other such sites as well. All it does is project a negative image and dramatic comments project it as much worse than it is. The GBM is being convened to discuss the relevant issues, including issues with the Placement Committee and Process as a whole. Kindly hold your enthusiasm till then. Also, for clarification of anyone who cares, the GBM is being convened for discussion on the future and not knee-jerk changes like dissolving Place-Com or any pre-decided action as such.


Just to give you an idea
Suppose you want to work in Aeronautical industry and you are being forced to appear in Civil engineering firm, what will you do ?
Just think. You will opt out from the process of placement or will compromise your goal by opting a job in a civil engineering firm

Just like you want to persue a career in Finance and you are forced to appear for companies providing Marketing profiles
It's your choice to go against your dream or try to achieve your goal by yourself.

Team InsideIIM

Dear All,
Certain comments have been hidden. We had to do that because it was going out of hand. We cannot allow this forum for institute bashing. Unless a claim can be verified officially, we cannot allow InsideIIM to be a medium for anyone to malign an institute. Unfortunately, there is no evidence for certain claims and hence, we have cannot approve those comments. Any unverified claims or institute bashing comments in the future will also be hid by us.

Let us not lose sight of the bigger picture here.


Team InsideIIM


I think this is a really good place for students to get an unbiased and clear view of placements at different B-schools. Kudos to team InsideIIM for this initiative.

And its also good that you are not allowing random institute-bashing comments. Irrespective of the actual situation, the number of companies and quality of roles itself indicate a lot about the campus – I dont think its fair to take away the credit for that achievement.

Team InsideIIM

We cannot allow people with fake names and fake ids to malign any institute. We do not wish to be a forum where people can walk in and bad mouth any institution or person. If substantial evidence is given to us, we will support such expressions. But unsubstantiated maligning comments will be hid/deleted.

If this stand seems one of low tolerance, so be it.


current situation in IIML –

FYI: pcom/placecom/placement committee is a committee of 5-10 members for all placement related activities. They are not elected by students but selected by second year placement committee who were selected in the same way… They enjoy absolute power in the campus related to placement of students. And no wonder pcomers get the best placement in the campus.. They are not answerable to anybody. College admin is just a signing stamp. People outside IIML can’t think of atrocities students have to bear from pcom ! I am narrating what happens before placement week starts … if I post what happens during placement process, nobody will think of IIML . And if statistics published on this site isn’t changed by IIML authorities, I will have reveal everything step by step.

Students inside IIML are unable to cry for change in placement process.

Because placement committee is the dictator here. They have absolute power to destroy fellow batch mates career, if anybody goes against the system of placecom. Students never talk to placecom because pcom never answers. Students have to bend their head and listen p’comers shouting. Pcom can also fine students.

For a 5-10 min of meeting, if a student is absent, he is fined Rs 1000 for each meeting. Pcom calls meeting just to check the attendance and fine those who are absent.

So students fear to raise voice against the system. placecom is so powerful that even faculty can’t do anything against them. 5 students were kept out of placement process because of placecom pressure even after they raised the concerns to Director.

Hence an external platform like is where they can express their feelings.

Chairman, Placement has warned all students not to reveal true statistics of placement here. He wants to build false image of IIML. He refuses to mitigate students concerns.

As a prof, he teaches ethics. Lol … He refuses to answer why he published misleading statistics i.e. no of signed out students as 5 (actually it is around 50 +/- 5).

It shows how UNDEMOCRATIC process of placement is in IIM Lucknow. Students fear to talk about it in campus, let aside raising an issue. Everybody fears because p’comers are notorious for punishing these students in placement process. Already few students are their victims. Mr Chairman, please come out of placement committee and meet to students.

Mr Chairman, face the reality. Only one unsatisfied soul is enough to publish true picture. Here you have 150-200 of them in a batch of 400. And you say it is a time tested process…you are responsible for destroying image of IIML earned by batches. ASAP, change placement process dissolve placement committee and make it transparent and democratic. You have gained credit for finishing process in one week but negatives from unsatisfied soul will keep erupting here or somewhere else .. why are you destroying IIML brand ?


Dear Student, if you do wish to air your grievances, request you to reveal your identity. Anonymously degrading reputations of respected and reputed institutions and personalities only shows cowardice


Mr. (abc & student@iiml), Bad mouthing is simplest of thing a man can do.It just involve,saying something out &wow done. No cross verification, nothing required.The institute bears the brunt & people who used to see it in high regards,started questioning. Negative publicity spreads like fire.Nobody is concerned who is actually bearing the brunt-The students. Summer placement is not something guaranteed by an institute.An institute always want to place all its students in best positions possible.But ideal case never happens anywhere worldwide. Talking so much about elections & signouts which in the first case you shouldn't have brought it in public forum since it was rejected at student council platform itself.still like a bad loser since you brought it out, I would like to say Every committee has its constitution & jurisdiction defined. You can raise it in appropriate forum only. Don't bother others who have no concern with it. Signouts have been cross verified by faculties with concerned students & It was found that none were forced.Since as a third party (committee) to this case, We have proof of the same.(Though doubtful about you guys credentials of being students of the institute) Its sad that we the first year batch actually share seats with you guyz, who have no respect for institute. Not only you are hypocrites, you trespass the authorities, bad mouth the institute, condone your own shameful acts & still project yourself as saints. Way to go Vidyarthis- Vidya-arthis)


Yes…student@iiml…pls reveal ur true identity so that placecom can get cracking on screwing your final placements as well..
The above reply by "Rio" to "student@IIML"…. is a prime example of how a placement committee member typically reacts ….when a harassed member of the student committee tries to bring the truth out in impartial public forums

such as insideiim ….

Given the free will and near absolute aristocratic powers given to the placement committee…discussions like these take very predictable turns….
The whistleblower comments on some unethical practices….followed by derogatory remarks (just like "Rio" above who himself does not take the pain to reveal his name…given his placecom backup) ..

Hats off to the absolutely fantastic job done by inside iim in publishing an insightful analytical perspective of the summer placement program of 2011….
But somehow, I feel that forums like these are no more than a circus….where the placecom is the ringmaster, the forum a stage and the animals are replaced by numbers…..
Any number that the ringmaster projects will win an applause from the audience….without checking the authenticity….which results in fudged up data appearing in some form or the other in the final analysis///

Any issue brought to light (by the likes of student@iiml and abc) are swept under the carpet by projecting them as an attempt at "Institute bashing" or "degrading brand IIx".

Even if true information is posted…. it gets….
1. Sidelined: The claim becomes questionable and site admin asks you to verify the same….which is difficult since you are a current student ….with future placements at stake….
2. Removed: Placecom gets in touch with the site admin and your comment is history….wiped out..just like that…under broad daylight

I have been a victim of the 2nd case wherein….my reply in a coolgoose article about how all 6-7 members of the 2008-10 placecom were impeached by their own batch on ethical grounds….
and that comment was removed after 1-2 days….I am posting the same contents here….just to see what happens,…..

If anyone …ANYONE out there has doubts on the authenticity of the following comments…..can go to linked in and check with any IIML member of 2008-2010 batch .

Here is the comment…

"This has been the trend at IIML..not sure abt other IIMs…I guess u'll have to ride it out or go for an impeachment like the batch of 2008-10 did… every batch has their fair share of Karans & Adarshs in the placecoms…
Hell we even had a rotten apple in the senior placecom who for some reason I don't want to know…..liked the "F***" a lot…to address the junior batch…of course….got through McK or P&G I guess….
Deal with it dude ! This is the real HELL….an apparition of what is projected to the outside world…"

Though many of my batch mates have suffered terribly at the hands of an incompetent placecom of the 2008-2010 batch….and now are in a safe zones ….we still cannot reveal our true identities due to fear of a backlash by the institute….I

just want to use this opportunity to advise the aspiring candidates not to take these stats at face value…..and do some research based on comments on forums like these….because that is the only safe platform left for true insiders

(students themselves) to express their grievances…..

Thanks to infamous impeachment of 2010 and the reinstatement of Sai Harish and Co at the helm….pgp24 batch saw much better placements than it would've…..had opportunists like Chanakya MV or Sushantha Ravikumar continued

abusing the system….

Deepak Jha

Not an IIMite, but can say for sure, the way u guys have defamed the insti in public, and the lack of integrity you have displayed, you guys dont deserve to be in an IIM…you are not worthy of it. Any genuine person would have fought with sweat and blood internally rather than complaining with a bad mouth to the whole world.

Team InsideIIM

Unfortunately, commenting on this forum has been disabled. No further comments will be allowed. Despite repeated warnings, certain people have been deliberately commenting in poor taste. All such comments have been hidden. This is not an institute bashing forum. Anyone with genuine greivances can write in to us on editor(at)insideiim(dot)com We are being forced to take such a step due to a few miscreants.