Important Quant Topics For Entrance Exams

There are so many topics in Quant. But a few topics are very important and should not be missed out on. It has been observed that some topics have been gaining more importance over a period of years and some are losing out their importance. But here goes a list of important topics which should be given the most attention across exams-

1- Algebra: Quadratic/Linear equations, Polynomials etc.

2- Vedic Maths: This will help you for make quicker calculations and increase your speed in the exam.

3- Modern Maths: Functions, Set theory, Graphs, Inequalities, Logarithms (Very important across exams)

4- Arithmetic: Profit & Loss, Averages, Allegation and Mixtures, Simple and Compound Interest Percentages, Ratio & Proportion

5- Probability: This could be a difficult topic for many so focus on it.

6- Permutation and Combination: This is an important topic so especially in SNAP 2015.

7- Geometry: Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Angles, Triangles, Rectangles, Lines, Cube, Cone, Spheres etc. (Most important for XAT 2016)

8- Speed Distance and Time: This topic is important across all exams and is relatively easy. So do focus on it.

9- Time and Work: This topic is appearing across most exams from past few years. Hence, practice it more.

10- Numbers: This includes HCF/LCM, rules of divisibility, number systems, and remainder theorems


Once you are done with these topics, focus on the other less important ones as they are still important. Also, remember to focus on your weak areas. All the best!