IMT Ghaziabad Interview Experience – 2019


General Engineer Female

1.5 years of Work Ex at Infosys Limited

CAT- 98.43 percentile

Interview Location: CII Institute of Quality, Bangalore

Date and Time: Feb 10, 2019 08:00 AM.

IMT Ghaziabad is one of those B-Schools that does not have a GD or WAT in its admission process. So everything boils down to one’s performance in the Personal Interview. I was the first in my panel to be called for the interview.

The panel consisted of two professors – a middle aged lady (L) and a middle aged gentleman (M). My interview started. I was asked to take a seat and wasn’t asked for the folder which I was carrying.

M: Are you nervous that you are the first person to be interviewed today?

Me: No Sir. I actually enjoy being the first in an interview panel.

M: Why so?

Me: I can come in with a fresh and clear mind to the interview. Also I won’t be comparing my interview with another person who would have gone in before me.

M: So where are you from?

Me: (Explained all the different cities I have lived in).

L: Can you tell me two things that are similar about North & South India and two things which are different?

Me: Similar – Both North and South regions in India have people of different religions and different languages residing in it. Also both North and South India have developed as well as underdeveloped cities and villages.

Different – There is the obvious geographical difference with North India generally being on a higher altitude than South India.

L: Don’t you think cultural differences are also prevalent?

Me: Yes but that happens even when you move from one village to the other in the same district. So it is a given. But anyway I’ll take that as my second point. (Smile at the end).

L: (Laughing) Have you ever done anything really crazy which looking back now you realise you shouldn’t have done?

Me: (Explain and soon enough both the interviewers are laughing at my incidents.)

M: Can you tell me about the Vishal Sikka fiasco that happened recently at Infosys?

Me: (Explain in detail).

M: Do you feel that Vishal Sikka was correct or wrong on his part?

Me: I feel he was correct (also explain the reason behind my answer).

M: What is your day at Infosys like?

Me: (Explain about the project, my work in the team and everyday activities).

My interview lasted for around 25 minutes and the interviewers seemed satisfied after it. Overall, the interview was relaxed and it felt more like a conversation than an interview.

I have converted IMT Ghaziabad but I won’t be joining it since I have also converted XLRI.

Ereka Cyril

It's all about the people. XLRI HRM(2019-21)