Inauguration Of The Fifth Batch Of PGPM Of IIM Indore, Mumbai Campus

“MBA changed my life, and at the end of two years, it’ll change yours too.” Such is the impact of a management degree from an IIM in the words of Mr. S. Padmanabhan, Executive Chairman, Tata Business Excellence Group. Mr. Padmanabhan was the Chief Guest at the Inauguration Function of the fifth batch of IIM Indore, Mumbai Campus. The occasion witnessed the selected students and their proud parents from various parts of the country. The students will soon embark on a two year journey in the institute.

Mr. Padmanabhan explained to the students the importance of lessons beyond the intramural learning. The major learning, he said, happens outside the classroom through networking. He emphasized on the importance of collaborative work. He walked the participants through his journey till now which encompassed the four building blocks of his life: his school, his engineering college, IIM Bangalore and his work with the Tata Group. MBA was a life changing experience for him. It taught him to look at things in a very holistic manner. Mr. Padmanabhan shared various anecdotes from his life which inspired everyone present.

Dr. Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Director, IIM Indore welcomed the students to the portals of one of the most prestigious institutions of the nation. The entry into an IIM ensures good job, lifestyle and income, but Dr. Krishnan urged the students to seek something more in life. He encouraged the students to go into social and entrepreneurial sectors. Now is the time, Dr. Krishnan said, when the students would build themselves as individuals, so that they achieve something significant for their family and the country. Since Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, he advised the students to tap into the business network in Mumbai.

The program ended with a briefing to the students on Gender Diversity and Government of India Directives on “Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging”.

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