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We work with the best. IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode are surely among the best not only in India but also the world. We are working in collaboration with the Media and Communication Cells of these esteemed institutions. A big cheer to them for doing this! They will be here for the next 6 odd months regularly answering queries that will help you in your career. And of course there will always be Team InsideIIM.

Whether it is about Interview /GD-PI preparation or choosing the right business school for you, whether you should take CAT again in 2013 or wait for 3 years to do your MBA abroad. Perspective and Insight is what we offer. Also, know more about our partners IIM Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta in due course. Of course we won’t be telling you the things you already ought to know (a.k.a. public information) But yes, be it questions on deadlines that soon arrive, choice of electives, dope on student exchanges, committees or activities – ask us, and we at InsideIIM with the help of our mates from the four IIMs shall do our best to help you! For instance, did you know that the Literary Club at IIM A is called ‘LSD’?  Did you know IIM Lucknow hosted a Swedish band two years back in their festival Manfest? Do you know that IIM Indore students create one of India’s most addictive online games Klueless?  Are you aware of IIM Kozhikode’s museum on business?

Well, now you do! 🙂

More of such fun trivia and answers to FAQs and important things you could use our guidance for coming up right here.. So stay tuned!  Till then, ask away any query you may have. We will respond to them shortly.

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Are we supposed to know which specialization we want to pursue?? i always thought of figuring it out during my mba…also is a student who has an answer for this question preferred over one who doesn’t??


Our experience says that when there are two candidates who are applying with the same level of credentials, the one who knows what he/she wants to do in the future is bound to score more points.

Having said that, we don't believe anyone expects you to know your specialization at the time of your interview. IIMs weren't designed to push people into specializations. However, a SPJIMR requires you to.

So be clear/have an answer about your career in the medium term and not necessarily the specialization.

Wait for the current students to respond just in case life has changed a lot due to increased batch sizes!


With respect to the GDPI, you are not expected to know the specialization that you want to pursue. You can always say that you are yet to decide; the answer will not be a setback. It is another matter that if you do decide and say so in the interview, the AdCom will expect you to justify your choice convincingly.

That said, it will be helpful if you are able to make that choice, as you will have a clear state of mind that will help you make tough choices easily when you have started your program.

Students who come in undecided eventually make up their minds during their course, however, thanks to the plethora of academic and co-curricular activities that happen in an IIM.

Afzal Hussain,
External Relations Cell,
IIM Calcutta

Rohit Mehra

How exactly can we prepare for the WAT/Essay part at this stage? I'm clueless about that. Or is it just that you reach the centre and let it flow instinctively? Please help. Thanks for this initiative!

Sudanshu M

I have a query on the ABM programme at the IIM A. I am a NC-OBC student and I expect a few calls this year. I want to know what should one do if one has an IIM A – ABM call vs. IIM I/K PGP call. I don't want to compare institutes but want career guidance on how one should go about deciding on this. Are ABM companies strictly separate than those for general MBA?
I ask because my senior with a similar profile and category was stuck in this situation. I may also face something similar thats why


Dear Sudanshu M,

The Post Graduate Programme in Agribusiness Management (PGP-ABM) at IIM Ahmedabad is a two-year residential programme that is intended to develop a platform for future managers with an interest in fields such as agribusiness, retail, microfinance, global supply chain and other allied sectors. In preparing the admission list for the ABM programme, the candidate's suitability for the programme in terms of his/her interest and background is taken into consideration (considering that this is a sector-specific programme) along with other parameters. Academically, the curriculum for the first year is common to both PGP and PGP-ABM, and is compulsory. The second year for PGP-ABM includes compulsory courses in agri-business management & elective courses from general management programme as well as from this sector.

IIM Ahmedabad's PGP-ABM programme is rated as one of the best in the world, and has been Ranked No.1 for the second consecutive year by Eduniversal, Paris (… ). While the placement opportunities and offers vary from year to year, you can get an indicative idea about this year's summers' placements here (… ). We would not be in a position to comment on the relative standing of the PGP programmes at the other IIMs, but we suggest you talk to existing students at these institutes to get an idea about the difference between the two programmes. For more details about the PGP-ABM programme, please visit:

Media Cell, IIM Ahmedabad


It does depend on what exactly you want to do. Whether you want to get into the world of agri business or not should be the driving factor and not placement reports. Try and find out more about the curriculum both in ABM as well as the PGP courses and see whether you as a candidate would be interested in those

Rohit Mehra

Thanks for your prompt response. I have a few more questions. Can you suggest any resources for practice for the same? What are the kind of topics we should prepare on? And whom should we get it checked from?


It is necessary that you be acquainted with Current Affairs, with news on economics and politics being particularly important. Apart from that, some familiarity with math topics, like calculus and functions is also needed. We have a Mentorship program to allocate mentors, who are current students, to the call-getters to provide guidance to aspirants on these issues. If you get a call (and we hope you do), you can have these queries resolved by your mentor.

Afzal Hussain
External Relations Cell,
IIM Calcutta


First I will like to thank insideiim and M&C cells of all participating IIM's for this initiative.
I am actually weighing my options whether to go for MBA at this stage of my career. I'm doing reasonable in my current job and pay is also quite good (CTC > 11 lpa , work-ex 1yr) Can teams here please share stats (median or middle 80%ile ) of CTC of incoming class (for people with work-ex) and increase in CTC after MBA ( I believe ISB publishes similar stat) .
It may help people like me to get better picture.


We do not have such a stat. Not sure other IIMs have either, though I might be wrong. The CTC of the outgoing batch can be found from placement reports.

(Kiran, IIM-I)


Focusing purely on money, Our data and experience says that if you are not confident of finishing with one of the top 50-55% of the offers made on any of the campuses present here it may not be fruitful to pursue a MBA right now. On the other hand, if you get one of the top 20% of the offers at IIM ABC in particular it will give a very big boost to your career.

Eventually, your decision to pursue MBA from one of the IIMs should be based on your long term goals and you need to be clear about your reasons. A lack of a MBA in the Indian context becomes a limiting factor to advance in most companies in India. Also, if you want a domain change the IIMs are a great bet to switch domains. A MBA after a lot of work ex abroad may be more enriching given the quality of pedagogy and the global exposure but it comes with its own cost. Its not a very easy answer which can be answered based on placement reports alone.


IIM Calcutta as a policy does not quote salary statistics. The major aim of the pedagogy at IIMC is to groom personality and character while laying emphasis on learning the best business practices along with thinking on your feet. Stating the 'value' you derive out of your PGDM course at IIMC in terms of money would not be appropriate. That having said, salaries offered to students at IIM Calcutta are in the topmost brackets for each firms. The firms which visit campus can be found in the comprehensive placement reports. The fee structure is 13.5 lakhs for 2 years, for the current batch, which is easily repaid by students at the outset of their careers. Please visit… for the placement statistics.


We believe that one ought to decide whether one must go for a PGDM course or not based on whether it is needed in one's career or not. An IIMC education would help your career in two broad ways: Growth and Diversification.

If you feel your choices are getting limited as you continue with your job or you feel your career growth is stagnating, go for it. The course would not restrict you in terms of salary.

Afzal Hussain
External Relations Cell,
IIM Calcutta


Thanks to InsideIIM team and M&C cells for the beautiful initiative. I am a mech. engineer currently working in one of the leading auto OEM's. I have always been very keen in starting up my own venture. And, I have started my career as an entrepreneur in the dining industry (my favorite industry). Owning a restaurant now. Hoping to join one of the Bigger iims this year. Just would love to know in what ways and how much the two years of my B school life would add value to take my career forward as an entrepreneur. Regards, Vicky.


Apart from gaining knowledge about the core functions of management, which come very handy in your pursuit of entrepreneurship, you will also get to derive a lot of support from the incubation and entrepreneur cells of the respective B-Schools. There is also an added advantage of getting an opportunity to grow your network of contacts through your peers.

rahul agarwal

Hello sir/madam, i have one query and I need your help.

I am in the final year of BTech (Computer Science) and do not want to take a work experience in the IT industry. Instead, I want to change my line and want to work in a stock broking firm in the 'risk managing department'. Is it a wise decision and will it create any problem during the MBA admissions 2 years later(want to pursue MBA after taking a decent work ex) ?

Please help, I am nervous.


If anything, it would act as an advantage later on because of your knowledge in one of the core functions of management, i.e., Finance. As long as the quality of work that you pursue is good, it will not pose any problem during MBA admissions later on.


Stock broking and Risk management would be considered as experience in the finance domain and it should not create any problem. Moreover even during placements many company look for relevant work ex which you will be having !!


It will not be an issue at all. Many students switch streams before and during their MBA. During the admissions process, it is the quality of work that you did in college and in your job that will matter. Good Luck.

Afzal Hussain,
External Relations Cell,
IIM Calcutta

rahul agarwal

Any suggestions about working in some other department or some other post in the stock markets are heartly welcomed. Please help


Sir, I have very average academics (82,59 and 62) in 10th, 12th and Grads. After say 2 years of experience and 99+ score, can I hope to get into A,B,C,L,I,K or no chance whatsoever?

Mayank Lodha

It might be difficult for you to get into IIM-A,B and K even with work experience,as per their current admission criteria.There are no absolute cutoffs for percentiles as such but scoring 99.5 and above might give you a decent chance of receiving a GDPI call from C,L,I.

Mayank Lodha

It might be difficult for you to get into IIM-A,B and K even with work experience,as per their current admission criteria.There are no absolute cutoffs for percentiles as such but scoring 99.5 and above might give you a decent chance of receiving a GDPI call from C,L,I.

Mayank Lodha
Media and Communication Cell
IIM Lucknow

rahul agarwal

Same problem here, i have 78% in 10th and 12th.. 60% in BTech.. After taking two year work ex in the finance field(as discussed above),, I don't think I stand any chance of getting in the older IIMs.. What additional work should I do now(considering i have 2 years from now) so as to get a seat in the older IIMs?

Will the social work help? Or should i move forward in the writing part, which i have a knack of? Any other suggestions are heartily invited.. Or I do not have any chance looking at the poor academics..?

Please help

rahul agarwal

Looking at 10th and 12th marks below 80%, IIMA is already gone.. Poor in graduation too,, so IIM I is also gone.. I am not a journalist or a dentist, so consider IIML also gone.. I don't have a PG degree. So, IIMB also gone.. Only IIMC left.. So, what should i do to balance the poor academics?

And if no hope from India, Should I look towards GMAT?


Hi Rahul,
To answer both your queries, please be informed that past academics only affect your chances of getting an interview call. Also, the weights for the same are lower than the weight assigned to your CAT score. For final admission, you need to perform well in PI and WAT (please refer table 4 in the admission's process link shared above in my previous reply). Hence, if you secure a call, converting it will not be affected by your past academics.
Regarding work experience, anything that you work in and which adds value to you as a future manager is going to be appreciated. Be it writing a book or pursuing social causes, anything which will add value to you will be beneficial,
External Relations Cell, IIM Calcutta


Hi Rahul

Since you are planning to pursue MBA two years later, you also need to keep in mind the fact that the admission criteria of good B-Schools are quite dynamic. Hence, any speculation at this point of time may not stand valid two years later.
Academic score and background play a limited role in admissions (extent may vary across institutions). Looking at older IIMs’ criteria during past few years, you may observe that there has been notable juggling of weightages amongst different criteria like CAT score, work exp., background, academic score, etc. So do not give up your hopes on all the older IIMs solely on the basis of average academic profile. A high CAT score and a relevant and substantial work-exp may help to make up for average academics. And besides work-exp, any notable recognition in your interest areas (like literature/sports/music etc.) that you gather during the following two years may come handy during interviews. Since you have interest in Finance area, you can also explore the possibility of appearing for certification exams like CFA which may further strengthen your candidature. (I recommend take advice from a student/alum with Finance specialization for more information on this front).

Harsh Vora
Media Cell, IIM Lucknow


i have got a 95.9 percentile in cat this year. what are my chances in any of the iims
if at all there is any


i have got a profile based call from sp jain …
how is the college and what are my chances????


This question is frivolous. Nobody on this forum can predict your chances at SPJIMR. It depends purely on your performance at the Interview stage. Please refrain from asking such questions.


Hi team,

I have total 1.5 years of experience in an Indian IT MNC. I did not score well in CAT 2012, so I am planning to appear once more in CAT 2013. I am keenly interested in consulting domain post-MBA.

By the time , i'll take admission in MBA (just hoping so), I'll have 3 years of IT experience. Can anyone suggest me, what can I do to improve my pre-MBA work experience ? Will core consulting companies consider my work-ex while offering me a consulting profile ? I do not want to go for IT consulting. Suggest me kind of jobs(or companies) i need to consider while swicthing company.


Mayank Lodha

Consulting firms do look for IT work experience while hiring candidates but most of the profiles are in the technology consulting domain.If you have led teams and worked on multiple projects on different platforms,it is generally a big positive.However,if you do want to switch jobs,I would suggest you go for either a Sales and Marketing Profile or that of a data analyst/researcher in a process consulting firm

Mayank Lodha
Media and Communication Cell
IIM Lucknow


I am graduate from Delhi University School of Open Learning and awaiting my CA Final result. I want to ask whether you provide for part time Post Graduation Programmes? If yes, what is procedure for admission?

rahul agarwal

please tell me one more thing, working in a bank as a PO or as a specialist officer will be better or working in the financial sector(as discussed above)?

Shubham Agarwal

I am expecting a call from C this year, after rejections from A and B. I am a fresher(in my final year) and want to go into Front Office Investment Banking, M&A division post my MBA. Being an economics graduate, what sort of technical questions can I be asked in the interview. If you guide me on this, I'd be really grateful.


Generally, it is highly likely that you will be asked questions about concepts that you studied during in your undergraduate program.

If you do get a call from IIMC, you will be assigned a mentor, a current student who will have a background similar to yours. You can ask questions in greater detail from your mentor.

Good Luck,
Afzal Hussain,
External Relations Cell,
IIM Calcutta


I am a engineer with 99.56 OA in cat, balanced sectionals with 99.67 and 95.52. I have not been shortlisted in A, B and S. My 10,12 is 90 plus with a 7.2 cgpa in engineering form IIT Roorkee.
Since IIM's seem to be out of question from me even with 6 months of experience in Futures trading with a reputed company, What other options should i look upto?? Considering another attempt at cat as futile, please list out my options for this year and if I should consider joining FMS, MDI or SPJIMR, if I get through.

Desperately awaiting a response, thanks in advance.


The CAT is extremely unpredictable after it has gone online. You never know how normalization across different slots may affect you. Also, selection criteria keeps changing every year. We believe with your background you should definitely take up any of the institutions featured on this portal. Unless, you decide to take up GMAT and go abroad or go to ISB.

And you never know, you may just get a call from IIM K or IIM L (IIM I seems difficult due to grad score)

Abhimanyu Rai

I scored 99.82 percentile in cat 2012 and have done my graduation from IIT Delhi. I was hoping for calls from the big 3 but now will settle for 1. 🙁
Anyhoo, I did not apply for PGDCM course of IIMC and now I am really cursing myself. Is there any way to apply for the same? (without giving cat a second time 😉 )


Hi I have come to notice that my CAT Form shows 88.80% in graduation, whereas, actually it is 88.50. How can I cope up with this silly mistake?? I have received calls from A, B, S and K-1 till now.


Hi Paras,

You need to get in touch with Admissions Offices of each of the IIM's you have been called for- to clarify and they shall guide you regarding your updated status for interviewing.

Treat it as an immediate concern as failure to inform would bar you from further attempts at CAT when the discrepancy is discovered at a later stage.

For IIM Ahmedabad, contact details are:
Admissions Office,
Telephone: +91-79-6632 4632/33
Fax: +91-79-6632 4631/2630 6896


Hi! I have OA 99.64 %ile and 85+ in all academics. I have got call from IIM A,K-1 but not B and S. My problem is that in filling the CAT form I have given Delhi as my Interview center whereas my college( where I currently am) is in Bangalore. Because of the large distance I want to minimise the travel between the two. My questions:
1) Do the IIM interviews take place around the same time, say within 2-3 weeks so I can stay in Delhi for the whole time?
2) Do most IIMs(like Kozhikode) allow for changing the interview centre post CAT.
Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thank you.


Hi Aalekh,

There is no hard and fast pattern of dates followed by different IIMs- the time gap may vary widely.

Change of interview is allowed in rare cases judging the validity of the concerns .You may stand a better chance requesting change of interview dates so as to have all your interviews within a shorter period.

For both options, you must contact the Admissions office.

For IIM Ahmedabad, contact details are:
Admissions Office,
Telephone: +91-79-6632 4632/33
Fax: +91-79-6632 4631/2630 6896


Sir i have OA 95.7 with VA:88.73, QA : 96.63, 10th 80 and 12th 74.6 what are my chances in IIM C I am in NC OBC


Sir/Madam, plz answer this question of mine in detail so that I can get a clear idea before the PI & frankly so that I can make up my mind….
I read a very discouraging article in insideiim that says if u are not from IIT/NIT/BITS/other top colgs or if are not a Doctor/CA/Lawyer (i.e, diverse profile), it is almost impossible to land a Consulting job in a TOP company… Is it true?? :O Is it the same case for FMCGs/TOP marketing companies as well?? :O
My profile–>
Class X- 93
Class XII- 93
Grad- 75.4 (will haunt me FOREVER 🙁 )
CAT Score- 99.91%ile

Plz reply to this in detail… If inspite of making it to a top IIM, I still get the lower rung companies, then it makes me wonder about what I am doing working so hard in the first place… Plz reply soon.


We don't remember making any such claim. All the above stated points could be a plus point but are not limiting to get a Consulting shortlist.
And it is virtually impossible for anyone on this forum to predict what will happen after you get an admit. Shortlists depend on economic scenarios at that time, pool of applicants along with you in your business school and most importantly your achievements at a business school.
Getting entry into a business school does not guarantee a great job even to the best. Everyone needs to put in some effort. Some need to put more, some a little less.


@ All IIM's
I belong to NC -OBC category.I have a state level caste certificate as well as caste validity certificate. Is it compulsary to produce a caste as well as non creamy layer certificate in central government format during WAT and PI process?


Hi Rohit ,

Answer to your question is Yes. Refer to the last section at :

Relevant information for you :
If you belong to the Non-Creamy Other Backward Classes (NC-OBC), you must produce the NC-OBC certificate duly signed by competent authority and enclose its photocopy at the time of interviews. Moreover, the certificate must be submitted at the time of joining programmes of any of the IIMs. Failure to do so during the post CAT selection process will result in you not being considered under the reserved category.

Ankur Goel

Hey, I have got a call from IIM Cal, IIM A & IIM L. I want to know how to get a mentor for the final round preparation?


Hi Ankur,

IIM Ahmedabad allots individual mentors to applicants only after they have been selected for the programme and not during the PI stage. Meanwhile, you are free to post any queries that you may have on this and other prep forums.

Media Cell, IIM Ahmedabad


Hey ,
The call letter for IIM L says, "Post graduate program in PGP and Agri-Business Management". But in the table below that, under program, it says only ABM. Does this mean I have got calls for only ABM? Why does it says PGP and ABM in the heading then??

Anshul Malik

I have been shortlisted in IIM L. When I login with my registration number the page says "Post-Graduate Programme in PGP & Agri-Business Management" and in the table below under the head "Program" it says "PGP". I just want to know whether I am shortlisted for PGP in Management or PGP in Agriculture Business management. Thanks.


how to know if we got a call from pGP or PGPABM
1.for me it was written that you are shortlisted for our programme the information we are asked to upload certificates in pdf format, but in selection page it is only asking for a zip .
please help me


I have a 99.49%ile with no calls from IIM ABCL. I am an engineer and will graduate this year. I have a 8 l.p.a job in hand. I have a simple query – Should I take up IIM I/K/XLRI/FMS or should I try again for CAT later? I want to get a front-end ibanking job/PE job. What do you guys recommend? Please be honest.

Anshul Malik

My personal take, if you get FMS or XL take it. Else go for the job, gain some experience and try again.
I am also a CAT applicant and I am currently working



For IIM-L we need to submit a few scans. I am working professional. What document do I need to submit for experience.


I believe list of documents required must be clearly specified. In case of confusion, you can call up Admissions Office, IIM Lucknow.

Harsh Vora
Media Cell
IIM Lucknow


i have secured 92%in clas 10 icse exactly 80%(480 out of 600) in class 12 from orissa state board i.e chse and 82.5% in btech.i wanted to know whether iim -a will reward me 2 application rating point or 3 application rating point for my class 12 marks which is exactly 80%.but if i take top 5 den it is above 80%.please helip me in this regard.


Not sure if this is the place to post form related queries ( my apologies, if its not) but getting desperate here, so pls help….. Few doubts in IIM-Kozhikode form…

1.Should weighted average of the two semesters be used to calculate the year-wise CGPA/percentage?
2.What should be filled under 'Subject' in Section 2B-Graduation ? I am pursuing a B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering?
3.What should be filled under 'Class/Division' in Section 2A-Schooling? Is it of the type 'first class' or 'distinction'?

Aakhri Jang

99.48%ile, G(engg): 77.3%, 12: 90%, 10: 87.3%, Work ex: 7 months as of now (management consulting). Only call from big 4 IIMS is IIML-ABM. But I could not find any placement data of this course on internet. I hope I will get the answers here.
1. What kind of job do IIML-ABM people get?
2. Are all the jobs offered related to Agrobusiness?
3. Do IIML-ABM people get finance jobs also? If yes, which roles?
4. Is getting an i-bank or PE jobs possible for IIML-IBM people?
5. Do all companies allow ABM people for placement?
6. If somebody pursues his career in finance later, is the IIML-ABM tag disadvantageous for him/her?
7. Most important> What's the average/ median salary for IIML-ABM people?



Here are replies to your questions.

1. Please clearly specify what you mean by "kind of job".
2. No. Jobs related to general stream are also offered to ABM students.
3. Yes, ABM students do get finance roles. The roles vary and depend upon company's requirements.
4. Yes.
5. No. There are a handful of companies which do not allow ABM for placement.
6. That depends on the sector in which the person is seeking a career in finance.
7. IIM Lucknow doesn't disclose the average/median salary for ABM or PGPM. Sharing my personal opinion, I believe there is hardly any difference between the average salary offered to ABM and PGPM students. Though I can't back it with numbers.

Harsh Vora
Media Cell
IIM Lucknow


People I have
CAT PercentileOA:-99.75
10th :-89
Graduation:-55 (B Tech)
Category:-: General
Work Ex:-: 18 months till now

I have not got calls from any of the top iim's..Since my grad score is < 60 no FMS for me also only MDI remains an options… Is MDI a good college as it is not mentioned in your portal…
I want to MBA in finance..I know some top companies like Goldman Sachs do recruit from MDI with the same profile as offered to FMS, XLRI and IIML …but with my acads is it possible for me to get in a top investment bank/international retail bank…will doing CFA help my cause


All roles offered by Goldman Sachs at IIM L,I,K,XLRI , MDI are middle office roles. If thats what you are aiming at you may have a chance. CFA always helps. But does not guarantee any shortlists or converts.

What do you mean by get into a top International retail bank ? There are various jobs ranging from 5 lacs per annum to 25 lacs in a retail bank. Depends what you are aiming for. International retail bank roles are offered in over 20 campuses in India at least



CAT PercentileOA:-93.7
10th :-81
Graduation:-67 (BE)
Category:-: NC-OBC
Work Ex:-: 18 months till now

Why didnt i get a call from IIM-L and IIM-C i am completely clueless….can someone explain me??


Please refer the individual colleges' websites for detailed understanding of the methodology to give out calls for WAT/PI.
For IIM Calcutta, there is a composite score depending on your CAT percentile, past academics and other criteria.
Calls are given subject to securing a composite score that makes you eligible for the next round.

Charles Abraham C

I am very keen in pursuing HR as my specialisation. Till now I have got calls from IIM A and B. I dont see too many HR related courses offered by either of them. Which IIMs are better in terms of HR specialisation and placements thereafter, apart from IIM Ranchi which have a specialised HR course?


If you are keen on pursuing HR as your career; placements prospects should not dent your hopes. There will be ample opportunities in both A and B to build a career in HR. The best HR campus will definitely be XLRI followed by TISS and MDI-HR


My academics are as follows :
10th 83.6%
12th 58%
B.Tech 78.8%
Work Exp. 19 in IT months so far.
I am PH candidate.
My question is – what are my chances of getting calls from top IIMs if I apply in general category(Ofcourse if I score well say 99+).
And, what are my chances if apply in PH category and score decent say 90+ .
Lastly, do I will be having any inferiority complex if I take entry in any of the top IIMs through PH category as I will be competing against the best brains
Of country.
Pls suggest



I am NC-OBC candidate. OA – 80.05 VA – 78.22 QA – 78.86 SSC – 92.4 HSC – 92.1 B TECH – 8.08 CGPA WORK EXPERIENCE – 18 MONTHS. according to the IIM Indore admission policy, i am eligible for WAT & PI. Is there any other shortlisting after this. Will i attend the interview for sure? please help.


Thanks for your response Sir. I am fine even if i am not picked for admission. I wanted to have atleast interview exposure once. Again thanks..


Dear Sir,
I have got the following mail from IIM Raipur.
You have been shortlisted for Written Analysis Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) of PGDM Programme of all or some of the six new IIMs (Kashipur, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Trichy, and Udaipur). Please visit IIM Raipur’s website to check the details."

When i checked the IIM Raipur website, on entering my CAT registration ID, it showed the following message.
" you have been shortlisted for IIM Kashipur"

so am i shortlisted only for one IIM or all new IIMs?
Also do i need to register somewhere for further process or interview dates will automatically be mailed to me. i dont know about the next step to be done.
Please help.


I am an OBC candidate with CAT score 90.42(sec-1:83.67 sec-2:92.5). 10th,12th,engg. all 80+,work ex 28 months. I’ve got calls from the all the new IIMs. I wanted to know whether I stand a chance for a convert from any one of the above mentioned colleges. Also, please guide me for the wat/pi prep, I am completely clueless.


If you have received a call; then you do have a chance. Take a look at the weightage given to WAT and PI in these institutes and you can understand the level of preparation needed for such. For PI you should be confident and must have a justification to the questions asked. Prepare basic HR questions. Questions on work ex are almost certain and in many cases questions from engg may also pop up. If you have to fill certain forms which are almost like your cv; then you should be thorough with each and every word mentioned

The WAT topics can range from abstract to current affairs. Its not a test of ones creativity rather the structure and the thought process involved will play a key!!


Respected Sir..
I know you must be bothered a lot for this and yet again I am asking the same thing. My acads are haunting me day and night as my desperation to get into old IIMs is.

I need some personal advice and I couldn't find a better mentor Sir.
I'm counting on you since a lot depends upon your advice. I'm considering you as my mentor and I sincerely hope that you will advice me honestly..
10: 88% ICSE
12: 70% CBSE

Already feeling like a loser n a drop in ocean.

I dream and live to get into old IIMs and have secured 97.9 percentile in cat '12.. I know A,B,K are out of picture.

Do I have any chance in L,C with the required percentile? I work with Wipro and my work ex will be 1 yr for cat '13..

Your advice and opinion matters as my preparation to work hard,the zeal, and motivation are all at stake.
In anticipation of a reply…


Kindly refer the various colleges' admission criteria (for all those colleges who have shortlisted you for the next round of admissions).
You would see that once shortlisted, the final admission gives heavy weightage to performance in the interview and WAT/GD as opposed to past academics (in general for many colleges).
Since there is not much you can do about past academics, your focus should be realistic and all efforts directed towards scoring a good percentile in CAT. If you secure a call, direct your energies towards performing well in the WAT/PI/GD stage.


Sir, I secured 98.89 percentile in CAT'12 and My academics are 10th-88.83% 12th-91.7% grad-72.2% No work exp. what are my chance of making into IIM indore, kohikode and FMS?
Please advise.


Its like speculating on things which you really cant predict… Considering IIMK's case with a change in the admissions criteria a bit and the mean for the boards changing per year; its almost impossible to predict. However it is seen that a high 10, 12 marks has a better chance of securing a call……but then again the BOARD factor plays in

At 98.89 according to last year you will get a call from FMS and have a fairly good chance of converting MDI (people above 98.5 have converted for the last 2 years)


Hi Sir,
I have cleared what has been posted as shortlisting criteria by IIM Rohtak. But still I was not shortlisted.
I got 80 percentile (75 for NC-OBC) in CAT, 92 in X and XII and 80 in Grad.
IS there anything else they consider for shortlisting candidates for WAT and PI.
please let me know. It will help me next time.


Should I go for JBIMS or try for one more year and crack CAT? I am a Chartered Accountant. 2 months study got me 91%ile in 2012 attempt (1st attempt). So basic question is risk one more year and try to crack CAT or if I get JBIMS then go for it? Kindly help. I ask this as IIMs have kept newer admission criteria which as a B'Com grad and a CA difficult to fulfil even if get 99%ile+.
> Would love to hear your take on the same. Thank you.


Go for JBIMS man hands down. Its too gud for finance. Being a CA, I assume you'd want to specialise in finance. You won't regret being in JB. Trust me.


my acads and work ex is,
10th – 45%
12th – 56%
engg – 65%
work- ex :- 24 months i am nc obc
is there any chances of getting any top 20 b-schools for such profile and preferably which college will be from 20 college by managing good marks in that respective entrance for that colleges.


After scoring a 99.60 percentile with 90.6% in 10th, 83.8% in 12th, and an agr. of 74.52% till 6 sems in engg,
Why are there no calls from the old IIMs?
What more is required?

sushant dutt

I have heard of ipm course from iim i and wanna know about my possibilities for shortlisting as my 10th marks in icse is 82% and 12th nios 77% and also wanna know about funding my education such as by loans or sponsorships as i m better at co curricular and extra curricular activities please help me prepare


My profile is as follows:
10th – 91.5
12th – 96.8
Engg – 80.86.
OA is 87.86 Work -ex 18months and i belong to NC-OBC. I got calls from new IIMs. My WAT PI performance rating – 2.5/5. Do I have any chance to get in?


At what minimum percentile in ST category ,people got admission in IIMA.? I want to know about admission and not interview calls.. ??


This query is for an honest CAT 2012 I have converted SPJIMR (IM). I do not have calls from the old IIMs, only the new IIMs have called me. My query is would it be wise to join any of the new IIMs if converted, given the fact that SPJain is already there? I am not asking to compare these institutes as that is irrelevant, I am a bit confused since everybody around me is talking about 'brand IIM'. I just want an opinion on how really is the brand reflected on the new IIMs. My apologies if this is an inappropriate query.


By older IIMs I presume you mean IIM ABCLIK and perhaps S.
If you are keen on enrolling for MBA this year, (if you feel another year of work would not really add much value), you should go for SPJIMR. The new IIMs will take time to establish themselves.
– (IIM Indore 2011)


Hi, I am a BE and currently work as a Software engineer in a reputed investment bank. I want to get into the field of social developement in longer run. When i started preparing for my CAT 2012, which in fact i gave for my first time, i wasn't aiming for any hot shot placements but aiming to make it to just top 3 MBA colleges namely A,B,C. Given my good academics and good work experience, i expected to get calls from one of these hot shots if i crossed 99, but i did not. I have a call from IIML now. All i want to know is how are the IIM L alumni, those who have passed out 5-10 years before doing in comparison to those from ABC? Can you provide me an online source where i can get to know more about alumni from L?


First of all, I would like to thank the people behind this initiative that helps the aspirants with the much needed information.

My Profile: 92%, 92.4%, 77% in 10th, 12th, B. Tech respectively.

I graduated in June 2012. I got a placement in an IT MNC. I was called to join the company in July 2013 🙁 . Sadly, that was the only offer I have. Meanwhile, I gave CAT 2012 to just see how the exam would be, and I got some 85%ile. I'll be joining the company anyhow this year. I just wanted to study in the Top 10 B-schools.

My Question:
1. Is it advisable to attempt CAT 2014, by the time I'll be having an exp. of 12 months? Does this exp. add to my profile substantially to get a call from the IIM A,B,C (especially)( given, I get the 99+%ile?
2. Or just get 24 months of exp. and attempt CAT 2015?
3. Also, is the work exp. that is entered while filling the CAT form in July-August considered for getting a call or the exp. that one might get just prior to joining a B school is considered for selection ?


One year of IT work-ex (assuming that your company is doing pretty standard stuff like the Indian IT cos) is not going to add much value. Nor is two years of work-ex going be a game-changer for your changes. So what this means is that if you are serious about MBA, just go for it. It might take more than a year to break into a B school of your choice. This is something that happens to a lot of people.

For getting interview calls, i.e. during shortlisting, the evaluation is objective – you get xx marks depending on the yy number of months of work ex., as entered in the CAT form in July-August. No weightage for quality of work ex.
The admission interview is a subjective evaluation of your entire profile, including work-ex. This will take into consideration the quality of work-ex, and give some importance to the additional months that you have worked prior to the interview, provided you have done good work.


Hi there,
Thanks for the prompt response. Just to add to the query, I also have 4 months exp in a BPO sector. Can I add this exp. as well to my would-be IT exp. ? All this exp. talk is that I just want to ask whether IIM A, B, C are well with in my reach owing to my grad % that is < 80% even if I hit the maximum %ile possible in CAT. It may sound silly, but I just wanted to be sure whether I could target IIM A, B, C, L (getting a call) keeping my academics (graduation % especially coz, for eg: IIM A used some multiplication AR score that wud definitely not give me a call even if I get a 99.5 %ile I guess) in view.



hello ,
Its Vaibhav Tiwari an Management Grad . pursuing MBA in Textile from Manchesters of South – Coimbatore ( Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Textile Institute of management ) . I would be thankful to you if you help me in making contact with Niranjan K.M . I would like to work with him and assist him in Marketing of Sanitary Napkins.
Niranjan K.M an IIM Indore Grad . Started production & Marketing of Sanitairy Nap. in Tamil Nadu .


Hello Sir,
I am in a bit dilemma right now. I have converted FMS and IIM-L ( CAT 2012). I don't want to compare these institutes, as they r awesome in their leagues, but i want an honest opinion which i should opt for and why. I am too much confused, not getting the right answer anywhere. Please help.
Really sorry if the query is inappropriate.



I have secured an admit from S.P. Jain and Nanyang Business School.

I am not able to decide which one would be better.

As I intend to return to India, I am not too sure about the brand value Nanyang has in the Indian industry.

Could you please guide me as to what should be done in such a case.
Please let me know if you need any further information from my side.


If you have an admit from SPJIMR Mumbai then you should take it up over Nanyang only because you said you wanted to work in India. Nanyang is a very respectable name in the Asia-Pacific region but you may struggle to find enough opportunities in India post Nanyang. The route through SPJIMR Mumbai is easier. If you have an admit from SPJ Center of Global Management, then Nanyang is a better option.


Thanks a lot for the prompt reply 🙂
I have an admit from SPJIMR, Mumbai.

So adding to my query, if i work in Singapore for 3-4 years and then return, would that give me enough opportunities here in India?


That's a completely different question on a career path.

When looking at candidates laterally, companies will hire anyone who can bring a required set of skills or clients or experience of working in a particular region or in a sector. You business school starts mattering less and less as you grow in an industry. Quality of your work experience will be given more weight.


Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but, here goes my question:

I've a work-ex of 40 months in the IT Industry. I have converted NM-Core and VGSoM.
What should be my order of preference in case 1) I don't want to return to IT industry 2) I am open to any stream except HR


You may be right. This is not the right forum to ask this. You could try sending this question to 'Eklavya' – our helpline.


Thanks for replying. I posted here because I saw similar queries answered by insideiim.

hi, I am planning pursue mba.
my profile
placed in infosys
what are chances of getting a call from iim’s considering if i do well in cat and what percentile should i get to get calls from iims with 1.5 work experience .will switching jobs do the trick. i also want to know about the profiles of jobs offered to IT experience students

Priy Anshu

I am an MBA aspirant. I have done my M.A in Econ from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune with decent grades. I completed my masters’ in 2008. After that, I tried for a govt job since I couldn’t get suitable placement through campus. I got into State Bank of India in May 2012 as a Probationary Officer and have been working since then. I plan to try to get into a B-school after 3 more years of job experience. In the meanwhile, I plan to try and get through CFA Level 1( I guess it will add much value to my profile). I plan to go for a 2 year programme. My acads are decent, not very spectacular.
Please look at my case and tell me what will be the options available to me and also what options will be best suited to me, both in terms of profiles and b school admissions. (Is there any way I can try and get an opportunity to work with any international organisation like ADB, this sounds naive, but I am still putting it here)