Indrajeet And iQuanta – Honest Reviews

Disclaimer (I prefer to give it in the beginning): All views are personal. I appreciate even the viewpoints and reasoning of anyone who has completely opposite views.

Well, you should know who exactly Indrajeet is and what he is not.

Who is Indrajeet? And what is his speciality?

1. He is a math genius: he can solve any question with seconds (by hook or crook)

2. ‎He is marketing maverick: The way he has marketed (and keeps on marketing) the Iquanta brand. It is commendable.

3. A Shrewd Businessman: He knows what will work and what won’t. He has done an awesome job of forming a business model which may or may not be reliable, but it’s working.


Who Indrajeet is not?

1. He is not a teacher: He is one of the worst quant teachers I have come across. He mostly relies on formula-based learning. His only initial sessions (numbers) are good, after that he stops giving f***.

2. Worst medium of teaching: If it was possible to learn Quant just by reading the posts, I think Arun Sharma is not a bad option.

3. Not a Godman: I have seen thousands of people making him a God. Trust me you have to work hard yourself in CAT. Nobody can make you do it, especially not Indrajeet.

4. He is not an honest person: Had promised cash prizes above a certain percentile. Most of the people are yet to receive even a single penny.

The irony of the situation is that whatever good useful sessions he conducts are free. So, there is zero value addition going for his paid course.

He may show 10s of good results every year, but you have to realise that these 10 people are out of 1000 people. And not every one of the 99 percentilers vouch for his methods and quality.

Our time is over. Next batch should be aware of all the self-proclaimed CAT Gurus. Be objective in your decisions. Don’t make it based on cherry-picked comments and chats.


Just a few screenshots to show you the reality:

The honest reviews by affected students:

Review 1:

Review 2:

Review 3:

Review 4:

Review 5:

Review 6:

Review 7:

He doesn’t believe in explaining the concept. Most of his solutions are formula based:

He just believes in enrolling more and more people. With less than 2 months to go for cat, we was taking enrollments for ‘CRASH COURSE’. It had almost 900 people and obviously nobody understood anything.

Have given you enough evidence. I hope you take the right decision.




Nipun Gupta

Honest review indeed . (Pun intended ). I am a present iquanta student (crash course) and have been taught and mentored by Indrajeet Singh . In no form whatsoever I faced the issues highlighted . These are purely opinionated and directed to defame Indrajeet sir and iquanta . Ironically when the new batch enrollment is to start for 2018. I smell a conspiracy here and request to look into this matter seriously. And get rid of ridiculous arguments about anyone , who knows next article is about insideiim

talha khan

Everyone has their own experiences from an institute he/she joins.The above article is very biased,being at iQuanta from an year,we try our best to address the issues,doubts of the students and has been giving immense results from past 2 years.these all post are taken from an amateur mentor of some other institute so do take it with puch of salt and rather be biased from one person’s PERSONAL view.Pranay Goel didn’t try to connect with us regarding his subject doubts.we would have appreciated and helped him if he would have tried to connect with us regarding it.

Pranay Goel

Sure, man! I am lying. And my sole motive in life is to defame Indrajeet.

But if you are so confident about your course and it’s quality, can you get just 100 people from the batch of almost 900 people to write a positive review for you?

That’s little over 10% of the batch.

If you do that, I will take down this post and take admit my mistake on this platform itself.

talha khan

I didn’t say or mean that you are lying but your opinion about iQuanta is very extreme.Where do you want 100 reviews to be posted.why only students response you can view the open Group review.

Where do you want 100 reviews btw??

Pranay Goel

Well, instead of calling my reviews extreme and blocking me from every group, it would have a fair practice to get to know the reason for my ‘extreme’ review and improve on it. I think that is too much to expect from crooks like you.

Send me the reviews to my email id.

Pranay Goel

And out of the batch of 900 people, I dont want to see the review of 10 odd epople. And shown in your above post!

Pranay Goel

Sir jee, enrolled logon se puch lo. Out of the batch of 900 people. Out of 2 lakh people of even if 1000/2000 people give a “BIG YES/YES” that’s less than 1%. Itni toh quant aati he hogi.