Induction Life At MDI

From 12 hours  to 2-3 hours of sleep; such a drastic change it was. Despite finding it difficult to adjust with the heat waves of Delhi, the hectic schedule made us forgot that this place was new to us. Actually, to be precise, we didn’t get time to think about it.  In the very first day itself, they called us on a short notice to gather in the auditorium; that too wearing formals. Going there expecting a warm welcome from the seniors all we could get were the cold looks and the never ending tasks. There started the heavy days of induction and the sleepless nights.

Every day started with a series of speaker sessions and we tried our best to stay awake during the session. We pinched ourselves, poked others and drank water in between so that we won’t get caught by the seniors. But yes it was helpful; we at least learnt how to sleep with our eyes open. As days passed, the work load became more and more hectic, at times even making us feel so down. Adding to that were the shouting and scolding from the seniors in the night sessions. The fun part was that when I first came to MDI, I couldn’t even understand a word in Hindi and now you can imagine what I would be thinking when they are cursing. Of course, my friends do envy me for that. But during the induction period and the night student council sessions, there were times when I felt that they were right about everything and could empathize with them. Slowly I started to get adjusted to the schedule and the sessions. Then there came a twist of events with the introduction of the placement committee and that was not a cold response, we were literally frozen. But it is fine if you could just consider it as a new experience and try to live through each moment.

Then there came the so called ice breaker event – the Freshers party where we were welcomed with buckets of water. It was just simply awesome; dancing and partying with our batchmates and seniors. It was the time to burst out all the frustrations and dance it out. It was a really cool night and more of like a dream. Because the very next day we opened our eyes, we were back to the academic rigour and tasks. Looking back now, those were the days which added value to our lives and which we could look back and laugh about in the future.

I would like to be part of Aditya Birla Fashion and retail limited because I have always been curious about retail sales and marketing. My background in mathematics would help me to analyse ever evolving retail business logically and derive insights from numbers to make meaningful decisions.