How To Spend The First Few Months Of Your MBA

Hello, The Newby MBA Students!

My heartiest congratulations to all who have successfully made it to the top colleges across the country. For the ones who were left behind for whatsoever reason possible, try to be calm. Neither you have lost anything significant, nor the ones who have cleared have gained, yet. You have just missed an opportunity for which you can always try again. So, try chilling a bit! Chances will still knock at your door, if not only through CAT, GD and PIs.

This article will focus on the initial stages of joining a b-school. If you thought getting through was enough, you are absolutely mistaken. I will try to give my perspective and also descriptions of the series of events that are going to follow in the upcoming months. MBA is like a deck of cards. You need to pick up the right set that is going to matter to you. The Aces and Kings need not always lead to a win. A straight flush can also render you a vital hand. It’s you who is going pick them up, rightly.

Following are the few events and situations –

  • Induction – The induction programme is the simplest way to know the values, rules, past, ethics, and system of your Institute. It definitely gets boring, but yes, paying a bit of attention is never bad. Also, the induction also helps you to get to know your seniors in the first place. The same is the start of a new bonding that will last for a long time.
  • Summers Preparation – Preparations for the Summer Placements is one of the most important things that will keep you occupied in the upcoming months. They play a major rule in cementing your position in your dream companies. CV reviews, mock GDs and PIs, and other similar sessions are going to cover up your night and weekend schedule. Make sure you take them seriously.
  • Committees Selection – The time for the selection into the numerous committees might differ across campuses. But, this is another pivotal event. Core committees are the ones for which the students generally look for. But again, pick the right set of cards. It is not always the Ace. Also, getting into the committees will render you with extra responsibilities, which will help you to amplify your strengths and let you work on your weaknesses and teamwork. Additionally, CV points are always in the house.
  • Competitions – The campuses are loaded with a plethora of case competitions. Every second day some case competition will pop up. The goal is to participate and get the exposure. Do not keep your eggs in all the baskets here. Choose wisely, again!
  • Academics and Others – Amongst all the mess, academics, the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are something that should not be weighed lightly. They require importance, but on the basis of how fruitful they are going to be in your career. I presume the engineers never used tan2θ in practical life. Similarly, you need not die for everything equally. You only have one life to spare.
  • Friendships – I am a big fan of ‘Keep your circle small and beer cold!’. But yes, a proper nexus matters the most in a b-school. It is this network that will boost your career growth. Obviously, there will be a competition here as well. But the chords do strike well on the same frequencies. Resonate and attach. Make the best out of these initial months to cement a lifelong and reliable friendship.

There are several other instances that I can include. The place will always push you for a trade-off. Accept it. The arrows thrown at you will never end. Learn to dodge. Along with, get hit by the ones that will push your limits to try harder. Only the wounded will ever know how to rise. There is no gain without the pain. Am I not right, folks?

I welcome you to THE MBA!

Devanshu .

Devanshu is currently pursuing his MBA from IIM Lucknow.


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