Inside an IIM: Are you actually busy or pseudo-busy?

People keep hearing different versions of stories explaining the perceived ‘busy-ness‘ of an IIM student, especially in IIM A, B and C. They either hear it from their friends who are IIM students or read it on various avenues like InsideIIM. I am a first-year PGP student from IIM Bangalore (referred as ‘B’) and let me uncover this mystery to everybody’s advantage!

So how busy am I?

Quite. I can choose to be busy in two ways: either by conceding to ‘B’ and dancing to its tunes or by taking charge and prioritizing my actions. In both cases, the prerogative of time allocation to different acts lies with me. ‘B’ has enough academic workload to keep you engaged till you graduate, but that does not make you busy. It only makes you aware of the time which is available for allocation. Moreover, ‘B’ is not called the place to BE for nothing. The plethora of extra-curricular activities and competitions up for grabs is breath-taking. The featured image is the ‘B’ Dance team ‘Taal’, performing in the Footloose dance competition for Unmaad 2015, B’s annual cultural festival.

If you have the slightest interest in any non-academic field, you have all resources to pursue it at your disposal. You also have an incentive of getting a ‘resume point’ by engaging in such extra-curricular activities. For those of you who are unaware of this term, it means that you can showcase the activity on your resume as a line item for your summer/final placements. After all, which student wouldn’t want a set of good resume points to prove his/her all-round personality and which company wouldn’t want such an all-round student?

There is also something called as a ‘free-rider’. It is a term coined for students who do not work in a group project but get the benefit of the marks earned by other working group members. So if I free-ride in my group, only my group knows about it while I get to show my ‘busy-ness’ to all others.

This brings me to my conclusion. Given the extent of academic commitment demanded by an IIM, the student’s willingness to participate in various activities and the actual time available to do so, every student can easily show-off his/her ‘busy-ness’ and get away with it. Hence, each IIM student is by default ‘pseudo-busy’. However if you want to actually enjoy and live the IIM-life, get a glimpse of what world awaits you after your graduation and change yourself for the better, you need to get ‘actually busy’.

My parting words: Inside an IIM, each student is pseudo-busy everyday but can choose to be actually busy every moment.

Freshers Night 2014 @ 'B'
Freshers Night 2014 @ ‘B’


Independence Day performance @ 'B'
Independence Day performance @ ‘B’

Sahil Sheth, PGP 2014-16, IIM Bangalore. I am an electrical and electronics engineer from BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. Hailing from Mumbai, I have worked at Ernst & Young LLP for close to 2 years.

Sahil Sheth

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