InsideIIM Open House – Meet us, Know us and Interact

I have been working on for just about 2 years now in full-time capacity. In June 2012, I quit my job to devote all my time to building this platform. We have had our share of joys and struggles and a lot of confusion too!  But, almost all our interaction with users has been through stories, comments on the site or via email.

Lately, I have felt that we need to interact with our users in person. While it is great to interact online, we believe that opening the floor to interactions in the real world could be very interesting too. We also want to use the open house to introduce you to people who have had interesting careers , entrepreneurs, writers etc. You will also meet me (on most occasions), members of the InsideIIM team and we can talk.

Who can attend the open house?

Anyone. Absolutely anyone can attend the open house as long as you register with us in advance. You can be a MBA aspirant, current MBA student, an alumnus, an industry professional, a professor, a writer, an entrepreneur, a musician, a sportsman etc.

What is the agenda?

You set the agenda. There could be a small introduction of our guest (if any) and then the interaction starts. Any questions, queries etc.

Open House Schedule and Registration

The first Open House took place in Bombay in June. We are now doing an Open House in Bangalore on 2nd Nov just before CAT 2014. Please register for it below.

Ankit Doshi

Creator of