10 Landmark Mergers And Acquisitions

We come out with a book on Mergers and Acquisitions just in time for the interview season for MBA aspirants as well as students on MBA campuses. The book will prepare students for giving some amazing business references and examples during their interviews which will help them stand out among their peers. What’s more, we have made it more engaging, exciting and colourful, than your average case study collection.

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The most amazing thing about watching films, unlike real life, is that life that could span 70 years is squeezed into a 150 minutes long collection of important moments. So when you get rid of all the boredom, dreariness and the excruciatingly slow passage of time, all you are left with are the dramatic junctures, when the protagonist got transformed.

Something similar happens to the life of companies as well. People come and go from the workplace everyday. Between MS Office tools, mails, calls and meetings, life goes on and on endlessly. And yet, if someone were to make a film on a company, they would include only its dramatic junctures – when a company finally came into its own, when it cracked its first big deal, when it shifted to its big office, when the company went through a strike, strife or financial trouble.

One of those big, dramatic moments in a business’s history is when it acquires another business, merges with another business or gets acquired by another business. In each of these cases, suddenly the protagonist (which is the business), starts operating at a completely different plane the moment this happens. And hence, as a business professional, your grasp of this dramatic moment is expected and appreciated by everyone in the ecosystem.

We at InsideIIM, along with the good folks at Piramal, thought that there exists a need to tell the story of these landmark moments in the history of some of the biggest, most cutting-edge, most impactful companies of the world. To understand the why’s, how’s and what’s of M&As carried out by the companies is to understand the culture, the soul of these companies and hence, the very core of doing business.

But as always, we also wanted to make it an enjoyable read, unlike the dry textbooks and humdrum cases they dish out in the classroom. So what we ended up with is perhaps the only book on Mergers and Acquisitions that’s a lot of fun too.
We give you, #M&As Be Like.

We have gone from the very cutting edge in the world of AI (Intel-Mobileye) to the pinnacle of our social media revolution (Facebook-Instagram) to homegrown glories (Piramal-Abbott and Tata-JLR) and we end it with a flourish of the written word (Penguin-Random House).

So dive in. Let Pi (the fillenial), Mr Straterjee (the game theory-obsessed prof) and Excel Ki Kudiyaan (the ladies who love numbers), take you on an adventure through the colourful and mysterious world of big bang M&As.

We promise you that next time you are sitting in front of an interview panel, or in a classroom full of India’s best brains or even in a competition, you will have some wild business stories to tell.

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