InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2012

Update (3rd-15th September 2012)

The results of ‘The InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2012’ are out! Please find the links  for the results below:

Part I – Most Preferred Work Cities

Part II – Cost of an MBA Programme in India, Minimum Salary expectations (Class of 2013), Companies delivering the Best Pre-Placement Talk (Voted by Class of 2013) 

Part III – Career Choices – Most Preferred Career Domains, Most Preferred Sales & Marketing Companies

Part IV – Most Preferred Companies in Finance & Consulting

Part V –  Most Preferred Companies in General Management & Dream Companies – Overall



Over 1200 respondents took the survey online. Incomplete surveys were filtered out.  Duplicate surveys were not accounted for. Adequate steps were taken to prevent ballot stuffing and rigging using technology.

The above findings are based on 700 legitimate respondents  with over 70% of the respondents in 10 major cities in India . They answered between 25-30 questions based on their profile (Aspirant, Student or Alumni). The relevant questions have been mentioned above for each of the parameters addressed in this part.



Original Post (August 1st 2012)

Enough of Business Schools being ranked. It’s time to rank the potential and current employers! is proud to present the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2012. It is open to current students and alumni of business schools in India and aspirants of management education in India. The results will be announced on 10th September 2012.

We will come out with a list of Dream Companies across campuses, Top Companies to work for based on feedback from alumni and Salary expectations for the Class of 2013.

Please be rest assured that enough safeguards have been put in place to prevent rigging of the survey. Ballot stuffing controls are also active. Results after the next 40 days will be shared with all business schools and our list of top 50 recruiters in India.

The survey will take minimum of 3 minutes and about 7 mins on the higher side.

Start the Survey now!

Team InsideIIM

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Yeah same here. I clicked it thrice but no response. Anyways i completed the survey. And a nice initiative!


If I take the survey by skipping the step (coz fbConnect not working), will my responses be recorded as authenticated?


hey..there is another malfunction..while selecting the managerial domains in their order of preference..if i enter the same peference for all the domains…then too it dat ok??


It is ok. We are aware of it . For.e.g. If you choose Finance twice, the lowest rank gets recorded only. i.e. rank 1 if you chose it for rank 1 and rank 2