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We are in year 4 now. For 3 years, we have helped hundreds of students and recruiters make an informed choice when choosing their careers. Our annual recruiter rankings are a rich repository of data on preferences and perceptions of India’s top talent pool.  You can access the 3 year data in the recruitment rankings tab on your screen below.

However, it is your turn to help again. Please take the survey and help us tell you what campus students and potential employees want in 2015. Which are the most desirable companies in Banking & Finance? Which Technology and E-Commerce companies are the most sought after? What factors should one keep in mind when sitting for placements – Alumni responses will tell you? Which are the most desirable cities to work in? There is a lot we can help you with. As always, we have a fairly robust software system to ensure that our surveys are never rigged.

Please take the survey now


The figure below is for 2014. What do you think will be the number for 2015?



Please take the survey now

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