InsideIIM Workshop – 125 MBA Aspirants Meet Marketing Rockstars At Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai

Hard Rock Cafe is well known for its live music events and ambience. However, on this particular Saturday Morning, it was the venue for a unique event and the second offline workshop that InsideIIM – Konversations held for all MBA Aspirants. Rockstars from Colgate, Vodafone, Moet Hennessy and InsideIIM enthralled aspirants with stories from their life, campus and their work.

In this rat race of cracking the CAT and getting into a b-school, one forgets why are they doing an MBA in the first place. It is important to remember that MBA is just a means and not an end in itself. And that’s what our goal is. The end goal for any MBA Aspirant or anyone for that matter is to choose the right career option. To bridge the gap between aspirants, b-schools, and companies, Team InsideIIM – Konversations conducted a Workshop – Konversations on Marketing Careers.

With a casual setting at Hard Rock Cafe, the nature of the event was informal and a lot of fun! The attendees were allowed to ask questions pertaining to Marketing and Sales as a career option, the upsides and the downsides of being a marketeer and what’s more? No filters! No telling anyone, you can’t ask this or that. No forced attendance. No compulsion to sit for any session. And we had a packed house! The event moved beyond the boring guest lectures and mundane seminars that are mandatory to attend.

The event started with a short note from the Founder and CEO of and, Ankit Doshi followed by interactive sessions by four speakers – Divya Morporia (AGM, Vodafone),  Rahul Bathija (Sr Brand Manager, Colgate), Kunj Sanghvi (Content Head, InsideIIM – Konversations), and Abhishek Parameswaran (Brand Manager, Moet Hennessey), simultaneously. Wondering how over 100 people attended the session with all 4 speakers at once? Well, to promote interactivity, Team InsideIIM divided the group of attendees into smaller groups where people can have a dialogue with each of the speakers and to ensure that the communication isn’t one-sided.

Apart from the sessions, we had an informal lunch where Aspirants mingled with one another, networked with the speakers and chit-chatted with Team InsideIIM as well! Here are some snapshots of the entire event!

9.00 Hrs – Event Registration Desk 

Are you ready to Rock n Roll?

Over a 100 Attendees = A Happy Registration Desk

10.00 Hrs – Ankit Doshi, creator of InsideIIM has a ‘Konversation’ with the Attendees

Watch the introduction, here.

10.15 Hrs – The Sessions Begin!

Each group of people to get 30 minutes with each Speaker!

10.15 Hrs – Let’s meet the Speakers now, shall we?

Ms Divya answering questions like a Pro 

“Who here wants a drink?” – All hands go up! Just Kidding! :p 

Abhishek has too many questions to be answered!

Mr Rahul, AKA Rony, engaging people with his sales and marketing stories 

Kunj sharing some insights on Marketing, Content, Sales, Travelling, and Writing!

Phew! That’s about the speakers. But wait, we had some yummy food as well!

Something to snack on between sessions! Yum!

The interactive session with 4 speakers lasted for around 2 hours followed by some delicious lunch as well!

But it’s not over yet! “Freebies ki Baarish Karenge” was what was promised and this is what people got after the event!

12.30 Hrs – Freebie Ki Baarish

Certificates and a special InsideIIM- Konversations branded Power Bank so that you never run out of battery! But wait… there’s one more!

40 ‘Early Birds’ got a MICA mug as well! 

12.30 Hrs onwards

Networking and Lunching

And that’s a wrap!

You know the event is a success when you receive such sweet messages from the attendees! <3

Want to attend more events like this? Write to us on with your name, email id and phone number and we will add you to our list. OR

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