Resilience | Munmun Mohanty, IIFT

I have grown up with brands like Pantaloons, Forever 21, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly which would give a sense of familiarity and connection with Aditya Birla Group. I associate my experience with my first job, where Allen Solly graced my wardrobe and my day. It gave me immense confidence being dressed right for my big day. Hence I connect with the brand Working for a big brand is not a destination one aspires for, but a milestone one has to reach. A good working environment always has a number of milestones in store for an employee to chase and consequently grow. Aditya Birla Group has been exemplary in standing up to this vision. Being associated with ABFRL, India’s largest retail company would a golden opportunity. The dynamism that the brand stands for must therefore be inculcated and in the process, it would add great value to the learning experience.

As they say, “A career in ABFRL is a quest to be the best”, I see this as an endless road filled with milestones to learn and discover hidden avenues to abilities within myself. A structured career path which ABFRL provides, is always sought after. Besides the values which it has stood for over the years adds charm to the dream of working for ABFRL. In addition to immense pool of opportunities to excel in professional life, it also caters to an employee’s work-life balance which is essential. The organization is committed to analyze its employees’ problems from a humane point of view which makes it an ideal workplace. Wellness initiatives, Nutrition counselling, in house festivities are few of the many initiatives which makes it one of the best organizations to aspire for. A spirit of competitiveness is encouraged which would motivate me to learn and excel each day and never be complacent with my position at any given point in time..

In 2010, my mother lost her job and later, she was diagnosed with clinical depression and few physiological issues, owing to which she was advised to move to a different place. Being in class 9th and moving out to a new city was an intimidating prospect. My father left the decision to me and I was told that I must make a decision by being extremely pragmatic. Ideally I was expected to move with my parents since that would have made it easy for me to balance academics with the personal crisis. My mother wanted me to stay with her most of the times since our constant communication helped her calm her mind. But I decided to stay back till my board exams got over. My father was extremely supportive, but as an adolescent, I was expected to have a firm bent of mind. I was expected to not be overwhelmed by this personal crisis. I managed studies and I visited my mother every weekend. I made it a point to understand her emotional needs and catered to it. I did not neglect either of my duties. That was the time when the onus to take care of the household fell on my shoulders. Eventually, after boards, I moved out of town with my parents, for my mother to heal completely. I helped her emotionally to see the positive side of things and worked hard to normalize the stigma attached with her condition. This was a blessing in disguise as my mother recovered both mentally and physically after her surgery. Moreover, I was enrolled in one of the best schools in town after a stellar performance in the board exam. This phase proved to be one of the most formative years of my life since I learnt to deal with the crisis and overcame it.

Munmun Mohanty