Inspired To Rise With Mahindra – The Chronicles Of A Mahindra GMC Intern

Mahindra group’s Group Management Cadre (GMC) internship program is one of the most sought after general management roles offered in a B school. It took a little bit of time to sink, post receiving the summer placement offer from Mahindra, and for me to realize the gravity of the opportunity that I had just received.

The GMC internship is one of the very few programs where the internship journey and experience begins much before one joins the group. I was informed of our summer projects well in advance to help me understand the project better and prepare to deliver a superior performance during the internship period. I was assigned a project guide/ mentor along with a buddy to get in touch with, for any project related queries. This was very helpful as my project was related to a sector that I had very minimum knowledge of and multiple interactions with the guide helped me align to what the expectations were.

Fast forward to April 2nd, and the much awaited internship had formally started. There was an induction process where I soon met the other interns from reputed B-schools across the country. Over the 3 days, we met several senior leaders of Mahindra and had the opportunity to listen to them and interact with them. We were given a flavor of what the Mahindra group was and different companies that are part of this global federation. We were also introduced to the RISE philosophy and what it meant to the group. The vast knowledge and experience of the group leaders and interactions about their careers was very motivating at this stage of the internship.

All through the induction week, Mahindra welcomed us with open arms and spared no expense in our hospitality including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with Mr. Anand Mahindra.

Come the 6th of April, I stepped into the office of the farm and equipment division, strategy wing of Mahindra. The early interactions with my team helped me on board easily and start my work immediately. Being in the strategy department gives me a unique opportunity to touch major functional domains of management – marketing, market research, finance, to name a few and I am really looking forward to the exciting journey of learning that lies ahead.

K V Aditya Prakash

I am a current student of IIM Bangalore. I graduated from NIT Trichy in 2015 and worked for The Dow Chemical Company for 3 years. I love watching and reading about cricket and football.