Intaglio 2012 – IIM Calcutta’s International Business Festival

IIM Calcutta opens its gates for participants and students from across the world as it hosts another edition of the biggest B- school fest in Asia starting 5th January. The 23 year old annual B-school meet sees a host of big names as sponsors like Shell, Accenture Consulting, Pepsi Co, Cognizant, SAIL, State Bank of India, Emergent Ventures and many more.

The inaugural ceremony will be addressed by Prof Shekhar Chaudhuri on Thursday. The ceremony will also be attended by The Dean and will feature a speech from the Overall Coordinator of Intaglio. This will be followed by a stand-up comic performance by renowned artist Vipul Goyal and a performance by JBS BaroC, IIM Calcutta’s official band. In keeping with last year’s theme of looking at a roadmap for the years to come, Intaglio 2012 goes by the theme of ‘Tabula Rasa for the story ahead’. It aims to inspire young leaders to break conventions and to create a new world order, hence providing a clean canvas for the world to paint the future.

Intaglio 2012 will witness a wide variety of speakers as a part of Reverberations- the speaker series of Intaglio. Founder of The Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will give a thought provoking talk on the role of education and self-development to eliminate stress and foster a sense of well-being. Mr. Prakash Jha, an acclaimed film-maker and director of several award winning movies like Apharan, Gangajal and others, will also deliver a talk as a part of this speaker series.

Intaglio 2012 draws participation from all across the world due to the wide variety of events held during the B school summit. This year’s edition kicks off with Antyodya, an event that offers a platform for Indian and foreign students to showcase their endeavors in the social sector in India. The judges of the event consist of a panel of Academicians, Corporates and Experts on the field of CSR who help the participants by providing valuable insights and guidance. This is a truly global event and this year sees participation from a graduate from The University of Pittsburgh and a dual degree student from Northwestern University in Chicago, both of whom are Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Fellows.

As a part of a social initiative called ‘Sunehra Kal’, last year Intaglio chose to set aside a corpus of INR 4 lakhs with the aim of funding primary education of girl children of rural families in backward areas. This year, we see the scholarships being awarded to 12 children across three schools as we continue to strive towards the direction of making quality education available to all and not just a privileged few.

One of the most talked about events this year is Olympus, the flagship event of Intaglio’12. It follows the theme of the Business Festival as it searches for the best and the brightest leaders among the candidates. It provides the biggest platform to participants to challenge their capabilities, test their limits and prove their might in the hunt for the coveted tag of Olympus. With a cash prize of INR 100,000 and participants form all around the world including China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), no wonder that this is the most anticipated event this year.

The festival also gives the opportunity to students in and around Kolkata to get a flavour of the various talks and workshops being held under the banner Student Leadership Programme and the Intaglio Experience aimed at B-school and undergraduate students respectively.

After the jam-packed events, talks and competitions over the duration of the fest, Intaglio’12 gives the participants a reason to let their hair down and celebrate with the grand finale of the fest being a performance by well-known rock band Faridkot, making it a night to cherish for a long time.

Please find the schedule for today below!

Intaglio 2012_Schedule 7th Jan_

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