International Yoga Day At FMS, Delhi

As the world celebrated third international yoga day with a positive and enthusiastic spirit, it was also observed with the same passion at Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi. This day was on its own a key day for FMS as we were welcoming the new MBA Full Time Batch of 2019, and we were marking the beginning of a new era at FMS under our new Dean Dr Sunita Singh Sengupta. As our honourable dean says “there is nothing more spiritual to start the induction programme than celebrating International Yoga Day”.

The theme for the day was “Yoga, Meditation and Management Skills

The event started at 7:00 am with a formal address by Dean Dr Sunita Singh Sengupta where she welcomed the new batch. This was followed up with a yoga session which was attended by faculty, staff and students. The students imbibed a fresh spirit among themselves to make them go through the rigour of a highly demanding course like MBA. Those purified souls desired to know more about Yoga and to enlighten those minds, the yoga session was followed up with a seminar on “Yoga, Meditation and Management Skills” by the guests of honour for the day Padma Bhushan Dr. Mrityunjay Athreya who is regarded as one of the founders and pioneers of Indian Management movement and education, Padma Shri Dr. Dinesh Singh, former Vice-Chancellor of University of Delhi and Dr. Kapil Kapoor, Indian scholar of linguistics and literature. Dr Dinesh Singh started the seminar with his talk on “Chatursh Yoga for Human Excellence”. He focussed on the essence of inner purity and how your souls need to be elevated to bring purity at the workplace and how your work impacts the society.

This was followed up by a talk from Dr Kapil Kapoor on “Yoga for Work and Life”. The main message that he delivered to the students was to not get afflicted and attached with the things around you but to bring a coherence between will power and mental determination to bring excellence in what you do.

It was really a treat to watch these young minds so deeply engrossed in learning from these masters. Dr Mrityunjay Athreya concluded the day by enlightening the students with key lessons that he had from his personal life experiences and talked about how essential it is to bring yoga into practice in our daily life to cope up with the stress that we face and how yoga helps to heal our soul.

The day ended with a promise to focus on the inner spirit and to imbibe the ethos of yoga into actions to excel in your personal and professional life.