Internship Experience With Pidilite – Kumar Nibir – Shailesh J. Mehta School Of Management, IIT Bombay

My journey at Pidilite started on 3rd April 2017 with the induction program which was conducted in Mithibai College. I embarked on this exciting and adventurous journey along with 100 other interns from different management colleges around India. The first day of the internship was equally exciting and anxious as the first day of the job. The induction program went on for 2 days during which all the interns got to know each other and this helped in building bonds. The interaction session was followed by a brief presentation and more interactive sessions from the Heads of different departments. The two days was informative as well as interactive.

The next day started with an introduction to my guide Ranjeeta Tamang and my team. Another surprise was in store for me as I met my team and guide. It turned out that 2 other interns were assigned under the same guide. So now my team comprised of my guide and 3 interns of which I was the only male. It was followed by a brief discussion of the project and laying out of the plan. The best thing about the project was the freedom given to me in planning the visits to different cities, timelines and even the dates to visit the market. The project started with visits to market along with field offices in the scorching heat of Mumbai. Extensive help was provided by different people in the department. The visit was preceded by preparation of discussion pointers with the help of my guide and the market research team. Their insight was quite valuable during the course of the visit.

During the first month of the internship, I got to travel extensively through Mumbai, Nashik, Belgaum And Vizag.  Visiting these places for the first time was a different experience for me. I was provided good support from the field officers in these places. I met a lot of applicators and carpenters of Pidilite in these cities. Interacting with them, I learned their way of life and work besides gaining insights for my project. My project was focused on digital engagement and hence most parts of our discussions was centred around their digital habits. I also got a chance to visit the whole city which in itself was a very different experience.

Mid-review immediately followed where I had to present my findings to the whole corporate marketing team and its head. Their valuable feedback helped me streamline my research and their appreciation of my work enabled me to proceed with a renewed vigour. In the next few days, I went into the field again and a lot of inputs kept flowing in from different departments. Finally, the day for final review came and I was the first in line. The review panel consisted of the entire team. Again, I was provided with some invaluable inputs and appreciation for my recommendations.

Last but not the least, the parting lunch, one of the best things about my internship. The bond that had developed between interns was strongly reflected in our sullen faces during this parting lunch. Only the internship has ended but the bond that I had developed with my team would endure forever.


Public Relations Team, SJMSOM