Interview Experience At Great Lakes Institute Of Management Chennai/Gurugram PGPM 2018-19

I was shortlisted for the WAT-PI rounds of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurugram/Chennai for their flagship one-year Postgraduate programme in management (PGPM). Their selection process is of three rounds.

Round 1 – Profile selection – We have to write an SOP along with the admission form and if the profile gets shortlisted, the candidate appears for the next two rounds. An experience of 46 months in IT consulting as ERP consultant with 85 percent marks throughout my career with a decent statement of purpose resulted in my profile getting shortlisted for the next rounds.

Round 2 – Written ability test-There were two topics given and we had to write an essay of 300 words and the time given was 20 minutes. Topics for the day were:-

1. Advantages and disadvantages of Digital India mission

2.Pros and cons of Bharatmala project

We had our certificate verification process while few were called for the interviews immediately after WAT round.

Round 3 – Personal Interview- There were two gentlemen in my panel, Let’s name them as P1 and P2

P1 – He was from the corporate and must be an alumnus of Great Lakes

P2 -Professor from Great Lakes

Me: Good Morning, Sir.

P1: Just give me some time before I evaluate your essay, have a seat. After reading for few lines he commented: ” I must say, you have nice handwriting, I am impressed.”

Me: Thank You, Sir.

P1: Tell me about your work profile.

Me: Explained about my area of work and my experience as an ERP consultant.

P1: Tell me about your hobby

Me: Explained about Social work, my stint with NSS and with company’s CSR programme. Also talked about cricket.

P1: Who is your favourite cricketer and why?

Me: Told them about Virat Kohli, his work discipline, commitment towards the game and his never say die attitude.

P1: Laughed, Virat indeed is everyone’s favourite.

P2: Was going through my SOP. Shot the 1st question – Why we need an ERP?

Me: Explained it with an example of a cake shop. How can we eliminate data redundancy and increase efficiency if the data management is centralized? Spoke for about 1-2 minute and both looked convinced.

P1: Do you mind going back to your present organization after PGPM?

Me: Explained all pros about working in Capgemini and about their work culture.

P2: You have written in your profile that you love to analyze and write about political and economic affairs. Do you support any particular political party?

Me: I explained them about my neutral perspective. I not only love to keep myself aware and updated about the major political events. How I try to ponder about the depth of the cause and effect of every such happening and often pen down my opinions. They looked convinced.

P1: Ask any question you have.

Me: Asked about the data analytics course in great lakes and how different it is from other colleges as I was aware they have the best coursware in India at present.

P1: Explained

Later both of us talked about cloud computing, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence. Their future prospect and how Indians is embracing it.

P1: It was nice talking to you, Have a nice a day.

Me: Thanks a lot sir. Have a nice day.

Kumar Shreesh

Engineering by chance, Management by passion. ERP Consultant.Cricket Lover.Foodie. Candidate at Great Lakes Institute Of Management,Gurugram 2018-19.