Interview Preparation Checklist

10 Things-to-Do to prepare well for an interview:

1) Check the Glassdoor review of the company to get an overall idea about the company. Please be aware that those reviews are subjective to the experience individuals had in their team so it cannot be generalized for the company as a whole.

2) Go through the company website in detail. Understand the product/service it offers, its vision, mission and core values. Align your vision with the company’s vision and think of instances which could reflect those core values.

3) Visit Facebook/Twitter Page of the company and check what they are offering to their customers and the customer’s response towards it. It includes checking the number of likes on the page, duration of posts and responsiveness to customer complaints. It would give an idea about the latest trends and company’s strategy.

4) Go to LinkedIn and search for people working in the same profile which is offered to you. It would enhance your understanding about the role and responsibilities under that profile.

5) Try if you can find any contact person who is presently working in the company. You will get a lot of inside information which will help you understand the company and role better.

6)Now that the role and responsibilities are clear, identify the concepts which could be asked in the interview. Revise the relevant subjects and concepts.

7) Next, prepare HR questions.

8) Go to Google News and read latest news about the company so that you can ask relevant question when asked, “Do you have any question?” at the end.

9) Prepare a folder where you keep a copy of some of the important project work done by you as pictures talk more than words 🙂

10) Last but not the least, make sure your clothes are well-ironed and shoes well-polished.

P.S. Following above steps will not guarantee you a job but it will give you self-confidence, which is vital to get the job.

Shruti Farmania

IMI Delhi