Introducing Some Of Our Crazy Batch Mates – IIM Kashipur

We are not short of crazy people anywhere in India. The same stands in IIM Kashipur campus too. Though craziness is a relative concept and there is no proper scale to measure it, I think these are the craziest people in our college. I am not going to name them but I will continue with names as R, S, A, P.

R, the rule floater. Rule floating is one of the common things in India and is also varied on different levels. But this person is of the different level. Every person stops floating the rules (at least for some time) after a warning or checking is done. But this person floats the rules after a warning is issued to the whole batch and that too on the next day. He claims that he wants to prove something and I didn’t understand his concept till now. He portrays himself as a crazy risk taker but I do agree on the crazy part.

S, the fox lover. Any animal lover maintains a distance towards wild animals. But this person takes the animal loving to the next level. This person buys chicken just for the foxes. He did a small study on the territory of different leashes in the campus.  On every Wednesday, he gets 4kg of raw chicken pieces for 2 leashes of fox. He leaves the chicken pieces at designated places for those two different leashes. Even though he feeds them, he maintains a physical distance with them so as not to scare them.

A, the gossip banker. Gossiping about others is one of the lifestyle of an Indian. Some are curious about some people and some are curious about all the people. But this person follows a quid pro quo style of gossiping. This person will have gossips about all the people in the campus. Name a person and he tells the gossips about that fellow. But those gossips are not for free. You have to share the gossips of any person. The number of gossips he shares will depend upon the quality of the gossip shared to him. You should be very careful on what you are sharing with this person.

P, the stressed hulk. Stress is part of any IIM curriculum, though it is not written anywhere. The faculty and deadlines of case studies make sure that a person is stressed in the college. Every person has their own sort of stress buster. The level of stress peaks out during the exams and end project presentations. Though the burden can be shared by working and studying in groups, he takes it all on himself. During that time this person feels so stressed that he ends up smoking around 3-4 packs a day. The worst part is he even knows that he is disturbing his health at a bad pace and even after suggestions from friends he goes on with his habit.

Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?

I want to work in Hindalco-Almex Aerospace Limited. The main reason is I am interested in the field of aerospace and defence. The other reason is that the private defence sector in India is in nascent stages and there is lot of potential for the growth of the industry. Aluminium is one of the primary input goods in the field of defence. The company has valuable experience in the field of high-performance aluminium alloys, which will help the company to grow rapidly and expand into new areas.

– Y Rithvik

  IIM Kashipur.

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur