Introducing Some Of My Crazy Batchmates From IIM Rohtak

When you have a plethora of options, it is an operose task to choose few, when this topic came in front of me, a flurry of names flashed through my mind, my flat-mates, class-mates and who not, undoubtedly it was a tough job to shortlist 4-5 out of those. Here are profiles of a few of them:

Pratham Mantri: “All-rounder”, this is the perfect word to describe him, one of the most jovial people I’ve ever come across in my B-school journey so far. He joined IIM Rohtak with an experience of 9-10 months of experience in Analytics, and has proven his worth straight-away, performing well in almost every aspect of an MBA’s life, be it committee, events, clubs, competition, for me he is a perfect inspiration in our batch for any MBA to come alongside another maestro of our batch, Anmol Gupta.

Shashwat Mishra: Wanted to become an IAS, ended up joining an IIM. “Wildcard” as we lovingly call him, has a knack of getting things done on a short notice. Having an enormous amount of experience behind him of organizing events, made him an instant favourite among seniors, undoubtedly he became General Secretary of one of the most premier flagship events of IIM Rohtak. Shy by nature, this guy is actually very fun loving, loves to ride his bike, loves quizzing (has another partner in Sriesh CR, who pairs up with him for every quizzing competition), and hates sleep.

Ohh!! Wait, did I tell you about his obsession for food, in his internship, he was living a kilometer or two from the market, and the kind of foodie he is, he used to walk that much every mid-night to have junk, and return with a happy face. But jokes apart, this guy has truly captured the opportunities presented by this hectic life, and has proved what a fresher can really do in his 20 month span at an IIM.

Ayush Pandey: “A skinny guy”, this was my reaction when I first met him, little did I know, that he’ll become one of my go to persons in this MBA life. A crazy soul, who loves Barcelona Messi to the moon and back, likes vegetarian food (secretly eats egg) and loves serious banter. He is one guy who has always given me solutions to my problems, one way or another, a perfect advisor I would say.

Parag Nawani: Ohh boy, where do I start about this chap, hardworking, intelligent, composed, are all the adjectives that describe this guy, I would actually run out of adjectives if I had to mention everything that describes him. Having set out to conquer the MBA life, this guy has put every foot correctly, be it winning competitions, events, or hearts, he has been there, and done that. He did not get the chance to become part of any committee, but as they say that God had something better written, waiting for him, I don’t want to give-away the credit of his hard-work to the fate, but such journeys are only seen in fairy-tales. He has made me believe in hard-work and passion.

These were some of my crazy batch-mates who make my MBA life fun.

Which ABG company would I want to work for and why?

A lot of ABG companies look enticing to me, but one that wins my heart is, Idea. With majority of workforce being young, this looks like a perfect stepping stone to start my professional career. But, wait, do I want to join a company based on the working age of it, a big NO. Idea not just entices me on the age front, but also is into one of the most dynamic industry, Telecomm. It is on a rise, and is supposed to rise to Rs. 10 trillion by the end of 2018, and has seen a CAGR of 5.2 percent while contributing close to 5% to the country’s GDP, hence there won’t be any harm done, given I get a chance to join Idea.