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TAPMI Finance Lab is a state-of-the-art lab made in association with Bloomberg India. Only few B-Schools in India have such terminals and TAPMI’s finance lab is the largest in the country, currently with 16 Bloomberg terminals. The lab with a seating capacity of 36 has provided us immense opportunity to learn the software usage from Bloomberg and effectively transfer the same to our entire batch. The lab enables students to gain hands on experience in Investments and Portfolio Management, Forecasting, Risk Management and understanding of the Global Financial Markets. This helps to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of finance. Although the lab is extensively used for research and data extraction by PGDM – finance and BKFS especially, PGP II students from other majors as well as PGP I students have been given the opportunity to learn the basics of the terminal.

We Champions have conducted 18 sessions on the basic Bloomberg training so far with the help of other interested and enthusiastic students. The purpose of these sessions was to equip the students with the basic functions of the terminal so that if need be, they do not hesitate to step into the lab and try their hands on Bloomberg. Taking into consideration the increased importance of the lab for the PGP I students, all the 400+ first year students were trained on how to use Bloomberg.


Bloomberg offers certifications on different asset classes. These training videos are available on the terminal and they increase the exposure of students to various features of Bloomberg. We have encouraged 100+ students to take up the certifications so far and intend to expand the reach to 200+ students in coming 2months’ time.


Concise and accurate data and automated up gradation in no time is possible only on Bloomberg and this has given us the room to concentrate more on the interpretation and analysis part of assignments and project works. In courses like Quantitative Asset Management and Mergers&Acquisitions, the lab infrastructure has been of immense use for giving us insights on the relationship between various macro and micro factors and helping establish connections between companies, industries and economies.

The academic courses that the students take up during the two years of the PGDM program have been aligned in such a way that they involve the use of these terminals. For instance, our Flagship Finance course, SMIC – Student Managed Investment Course involves investing real money (provided by the institution) in Equity markets. The Bloomberg lab is the backbone of this course offering students regular updated portfolio status and repercussions of various extreme market scenarios.

With this course, we already see ourselves to be working as analysts in a financial institution. Every day is a new challenge wherein we have to convince our mentors for each of our portfolio decisions.  There could indeed not have been a better platform than this to gear up before jumping into the deep ocean. The learning curve has been really steep so far and we aim to achieve greater heights in near future.


This story has been contributed by Neha Agarwal & L Kathiresan, second year students at TAPMI.

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