IRIS 2015 – The Stage Is Set


With less than 24 hours to go, IRIS 2015 is finally here, bigger and better than ever before.

Very soon, candidates from all over the country will converge at IIM Indore to battle it out and test their mettle. Add to that the fervour elicited by events such as Bollywood Night with DJ NYK, TVF Live and a fashion show, Lavanya, being judged by the likes of Divya S. Menon of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy fame and Miss Indore 2015, Miss Pooja Sharma and what you get is a heady concoction of excitement guaranteed to rev up everyone!

The flagship dance event Lasya too can boast of its star lineup for judges- Annie Gill, the popular actress you will recognize from the TV serial ‘Anamika’, the reputed Bhatratnatyam dancer Rakshit Yadav  and the talented Piyush Abhiyankar will all be here to judge the best in the solo, duet and group performances in Lasya-a show you wouldn’t want to miss!

Another, sure to be stellar experience being awaited with bated breath – the opportunity to ride a Harley, right here on campus!

What’s more, all the drama and music enthusiasts too have good reason to cheer. Pratibimb, the flagship street play event is guaranteed to draw the crowds as is Distortion’ s Battle of the Bands which will witness performances by top bands like Vintage Cassette and KillKount.

All this, and more, goes to prove that IRIS is and has been unique in that it combines events spanning the gamut of not only management but also other social and cultural themes. Most of these events can claim to be one-of-a-kind and their surging popularity among participants from all over the country bears testimony to that- the flagship events alone draw registrations in thousands.

Ashwamedha, for instance, occupies pride of place and is one of the most awaited events. It draws a parallel with the ancient Vedic ritual by the same name and evokes an extremely enthusiastic response from the students with its unpredictable and multi-disciplinary approach. Chanakya, the consulting event, elicits an equally passionate response with participants formulating and implementing strategies, gauging trends and soliciting feedback, all in a corporate context to simulate consulting in big organizations. Moreover, certain events like Klueless can boast of  a decade-long legacy and a huge fan following.

The business community, too, keeps a watchful eye on the proceedings. This, after all, is a fest that is worth the hype it generates since the outcomes it leads to last beyond the short run. Kaplavriksha, for instance, has a long standing history of creating success stories that have contributed significantly to society. This Social B-Plan competition provides a stage where the aspiration to be an agent of change in society is combined with pragmatism to create sound and socially relevant business plans that have the potential to succeed and to make a difference.

IRIS 2014 witnessed a spectacular turnout with students from over 40 B-schools vying for the coveted titles. This year, the scale and reach are set to increase.  With 24 events, 32 sponsors and a record number of registrations in a short span of time, it is evident that the popularity of IRIS is on the rise.

To put it all together, IRIS 2015 is going to give you the experience of a lifetime. Be there and experience for yourself the heady concoction of challenges and opportunities, of fun and excitement unprecedented that is IRIS 2015!